27 Most Beautiful Vacation Spots in the World To Visit 2018

Feel the urge to get out of daily chores and a little adventures? You’ll have so many choices to escapes. Here we try to list some of the most breathtaking beautiful vacation spots around the globe which we sure can be your first place to hit for a city exploring, charming beach, going of the grid, or whatever reasons you’ve got.

1. Villefranche Sur Mer

source: travelchannel.com

Going for the sun and the sea in stylish way? Of course you’ll go to French Riviera. This iconic getaway offers you all you want of a seaside spot. Try one of the many charming places there, like Niçoise fishing villages. Go to Villefranche with all its pastel colored house by the sea.

Sits on some nicest outdoor cafe would be enough. You’ll have to explore this beautiful vacation spot. Wander around on its age-old alleways (which have been around since 130 BC) and see those beauties of the past. Don’t forget to visit the majestic 16th-century Saint-Elme Citadel that let you feel the serenity while enjoying the Mediterranean.

2. Saint-Paul de Vence

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French’s full of lovely villages. Artists often flocks the spots for inspirations or just for its picturesqueness. Try this Saint-Paul village. You’ll enjoy the nice view of Mediterranean Sea and PreAlps regions from here. This’s the place where the famous artist Marc Chagall lived. He even buried in this same village.

After dining in the La Brouette, you’ll suggested to explore the village, down its famous narrow alleyways. This village has many art galleries and studios which would satisfy your art tastes. This place also full of Provincial specialties you might try from its shops.

3. Vence

source: travel.usnews.com

If Saint Paul still can’t satisfy your love affair with provincial French, the go to Vence. If you previously in Cagnes-sur-Mer, this spot is right just north of the beautiful spot. Vence offers the historic alleyways and the fourth century Cathedral of the Nativity of Saint Mary. Marc Chagall adorned this with mosaic which you should not miss to see.

Book a room in the comfortable and chic Château Saint-Martin & Spa before enjoying Vence. Knights Templar once lived here, in 12 century. One of the special treat will be dinning or having breakfast on its terrace while enjoying super view of the Côte d’Azur.

4. Ramatuelle

source: travel.usnews.com

This little town also worth seeing (an living) if you’re a lover of peaceful air but still want to get near with iconic and sometimes hectic spot like Cote d’Azur town. This spot sits snugly on a hilly region, overlooking the Bay of Pampelonne, and just 15 minutes ride from St-Tropez.

In this spot, aside of its calming and idylic atmosphere, you should try a sample of Côte de Provence wines, right from its vineyards. Volterra Castle also worth seeing. And after all the tour and explore, have your rest in La Reserve Ramatuelle.

5. Cannes

source: travel.usnews.com

Cannes would be your next (or your first) beautiful vacation spot in French. This spot is so famous world over from its annual Cannes Film Festival. But, the flicks and movie goers apart, Canned in itself offers you so many charming spots, like the awesome coastline, La Croisete boulevard, or its local essence. If you love to hunt French accessories, try Rue d’Antibes.

Being in Cannes without sipping Champagne or having enjoyable lunch at its one of finest outdoor cafes would be a waste. Try it, after make a reservation at its one of so many chic and iconic, like Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic.

6. Death Valley National Park, California

source: countryliving.com

Hunting for memorable sunset? Just try this Death Valley’s Zabriskie Point. Death Valley itself, like its name inspired, is just as dead a place. It’s the hottest place in California’s eastern border. And only welcome for the properly equipped people. And for them, this place Zabriskie Point in Death valey offers the most breathtaking sunset ever.

7. The Wave, Arizona and Utah

source: countryliving.com

You probably know this picture well for your laptop’s or mobile’s wallpaper. Now if you want to see this spectacular stone formation yourself on site, the place is in a region Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, southern Utah and northern Arizona. This is a remote region, so be prepared for the journey.

8. Zhangye Danxia Geopark, China

source: harpersbazaar.com

9. Venice, Italy

source: harpersbazaar.com

You don’t have to go roam the canal with gondola if you feel too cute or touristy, you still can enjoy this floating city on foot. Walking around the city, explore arched bridge, or finding some cafe, in this city will be delightful.

10. Banff National Park, Canada

source: harpersbazaar.com

Canada offers virgin wilderness and the bluest glacial lakes. This lake in Canada first national park offers you more. Outdoor challenges for the adventurous? You’ll have it. But if you prefer the softer one, stay at its cozy lodges. If you want one right on the lake side, try Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

11. Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe – California, USA

source: dailynewsdig.com

Our next list of beautiful vacation spot is an underwater parks, the Emerald Bay. This spot is a National Natural Landmark, and part of state park of California. If you’re curious with Fannette Island in Lake Tahoe, this spot is the place. You’ll also need to visit Eagle Falls. And if you’re an architecture enthusiast, visit the finest example of Scandinavian architecture, the Vikingsholm mansion.

12. Yosemite National Park – California, USA

source: dailynewsdig.com

Your list of natural vacation spots won’t be enough without Yosemite. This spot offers all the nature lovers’ wants: crystal clear streams, biology diversity, and the giant sequoia groves. And don’t forget the Horsetail Falls.

This waterfall only flows in early springs an winter. If you happened to be in the spot at the right time, you’ll see the waterfall glows like falling fire from its reflection of the sunset, a phenomenon known as firefall.

13. Dog Island – San Blas, Panama

source: dailynewsdig.com

Form the idylic villages to the spectacular nature wonders, now we’d invite you to the tropical beach of Caribbean, to the San Blas Islands. In San Blas you’ll find all the tropical sea you want to see. The seascape is just breathtaking, and so with reefs and sea life. You’ll also find the most charming people here.

Just be sure to be here at the right time. You’ll be greeted by numerous gathering and festivals in between your diving, sailing, snorkeling, or just tanning on the beach.

14. Calo des Moro Beach – Mallorca, Spain

source: dailynewsdig.com

From Caribbean you’ll fly to Mallorca, visit the famous Calo des Moro. This iconic beat sits between two cliffs, near Santanyi, south-eastern of Mallorca. You’ll love to swim the warm and clear water. The sand also superb if you just want to stroll along the beach. The pines groves on both side of the beach also invites you to explore.

15. Aogashima, Volcanic Japanese Island

source: dailynewsdig.com

Still love the nature wonder? You might try this destination, Aogashima Island. This island lies several hundred miles south of Tokyo, it’s in the Philippine Sea. The special feature of this island is its caldera in caldera. The island itself is a big caldera, and on the caldera lies another smaller caldera. This island is steep, so it will be an adventure just to get to the caldera. So be prepared.

Once on the spot, you’ll near regret. You’ll have one of the most tranquil and beautiful spot to relax. This Aogashima Island is one pot chains of islands in the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park system. So if you want to enjoy them fully, you need to do a kind of islands hopping. But it’s worth it.

16. Nassau, The Bahamas

source: travelchannel.com

A lover of diving, swimming, or snorkeling will not miss the chance to visit Nassau. This Bahama Island’s well known of its diving spot. If you find one of the clearest sea water, this Nassau water is one of the clearest. You still can see the bottom of 100 depth clearly in this water. In Nassau don’t forget to explore the famous 200-feet-deep Blue Hole.

From the blue Holes, go to another superb spots like Trinity and Piece of Cake caves. You’ll meet large lobsters in these places. For your sense of underwater adventure, this Bahama Island also present you some of the most breathtaking reef, complete with its shipwrecks.

17. Stanford Antigua Sailing Week - Antigua, The West Indies

source: travelchannel.com

Still in Caribbean, you’ve to the annual Stanford Antigua sailing week in Antigua. The sailing competition held each year with participants from around the world. This sailing competition now is regarded as one of world premiere sailing regatta. Along with the interesting sailing events, you’ll witness the memorable beauty and hospitality of Antigua.

18. Jade Mountain - St. Lucia

source: travelchannel.com

The real off-grid beautiful vacation spot goes to Jade Mountain. This resort is a real eco-resort. Yes, you’ll have the modern comfort here, but you’ll never find television, phones, or radios here. This resort sits facing the beautiful St. Lucia’s Twin Piton Mountains. For your good time, you’ll find many fun activities like biking or hiking. The diving spot’s also charming, at the marine park.

19. Grace Bay Club - Provo, Turks and Caicos

source: travelchannel.com

The last beautiful vacation spot in this list will be the Grace Bay Club. It’s still in Caribbean, and this hotel is the first luxury all-suite hotel of Turks and Caicos. You’ll have two options: the adult only hotel, and the more family oriented villa resort. You’ll have your own private swimming pool, and special dining experiences. This hotel also boast its Caribbean’s longest bar, Kids’ tree house, the Anacaona restaurant, and luxury Anani spa tents.

20. Silver Sands Resort - Christ Church, Barbados

source: travelchannel.com

Silver Sands Resort may sit on 12 beautifully landscaped placid acres, but its status as the windsurfing capital of Barbados is the real draw. The Club Mistral windsurfing station is open between November and June, but novices need not apply; a skill rating between 5 and 6 is required to windsurf and kitesurf the waters off Silver Sands.

21. Beaches Resort Villages & Spa - Turks and Caicos

source: travelchannel.com

A visit to these beautiful islands will often cost you a pretty penny, but not if you stay at the Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort and Spa. Opened in 1997, this popular spot is an all-inclusive resort.

22. Canyolands National Park - Utah

source: nationalgeographic.com

A parade of dramatic rocks marches through Utah’s Canyonlands, where you can view the entire park as one dramatic sculpture. It’s a three-dimensional playground of smooth rock, twin rivers, narrow canyons, wildflower gardens, hidden meadows, and otherworldly colors.

23. Southern Peru

source: nationalgeographic.com

Every year in the remote reaches of Peru, wild vicuñas are rounded up during Gran Chaccu, an annual shearing event rooted in Inca tradition. Andean herders surround these wild, long-necked cousins of llamas and alpacas, prized for their precious wool, considered one of the finest natural fibers in the world. Once the animals are shorn, they are let go and bound, one by one, for the hills, free again.

24. Faroe Islands, Denmark

source: nationalgeographic.com

Tucked away at the bottom of a mountain-enclosed inlet, a grass-roofed village occupies a mystical, moody realm in Denmark’s Faroe Islands. This island, Streymoy, is just one of 18 that make up the windblown and remote archipelago that sits about 200 miles off the coast of Scotland.

25. Engadine Valley, Switzerland

source: nationalgeographic.com

The special “diamond dust light” of the mighty Engadine Valley has been drawing visitors to this part of Switzerland for more than three centuries. The dazzling atmospheric display is created on cold winter days by innumerable many-faceted ice crystals lingering in the atmosphere and glittering in the sun. A snow-covered St. Moritz, pictured here, sparkles in the winter.

26. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

source: travelchannel.com

Deep in central Croatia’s dark, primordial Dinaric Alps, water and rock create the shimmering “land of the falling lakes,” as Plitvice National Park is known. A network of trails and wooden boardwalks entices more than a million visitors a year to explore waterfalls, streams, caves, and interconnected lakes.

27. Bohol Island Chocolate Hills, Philippines

source: nationalgeographic.com

The conical Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island in the Philippines are a mystery of nature. The estimated 1,776 grass-covered, coral limestone karst domes are nearly uniform in shape. And though lush foliage paints the mounds a vibrant green much of the year, in the driest months the rain-starved landscape resembles row after row of giant chocolate drops.

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