33+ Outdoor Patio Ideas You Need to Try This Summer

Patio as a transition area from the outside or backyard into the main house has an important rule for the whole home design concept. This importance makes you consider many things when you were having a plan to build a backyard or renovate the existing outdoor patio ideas. First thing first that you should pay attention to is its size. Determine the function of your patio in the upcoming time.

Why the size of your patio becomes a matter? It has a connection with choosing the right outdoor patio ideas later. When you remodel your patio too big, it would cost you more expensive than it should be. Furthermore, it could diminish the look of your newest backyard. On the contrary, if you build it too small it has the chance to be abandoned later.

Sit Around the Fire on an Elegant Flagstone Patio

by Getty Images

The next step on remodeling your patio is on choosing the right material. Then, you will use it on your new outdoor patio ideas according to your taste. On the picture above is an example option using hard surfaces on flooring. The homeowner used flagstone made from natural stone with unirregular cutting.

Herringbone Brick Pattern Adds Excitement

by Tom Merton/Getty Images

Instead of using flagstone to cover the backyard land, you could take bricks as another option. Arranged those bricks into the “herringbone” pattern. Even it is quite hard to lay those pattern than the other but when it’s done it will drag attention for those who enjoy your outdoor patio ideas.

Slow Things Down With a Running Bond

by YinYang/Getty Images

Compare to the previous photo, which showed an outdoor patio idea which is kind of tricky. This one still uses bricks as the hard surface, but its arranged into a simpler pattern. This pattern was called as the “running bond”. Those bricks just being placed parallel next to the other. Placing these pattern into your large garden will cause the soothing and calm for the eye rather than the “herringbone” pattern.

Use the Basket-Weave Pattern to Avoid Making Cuts

Juliette Wade/Getty Images

Look at the picture above. It is another design of arranging bricks pattern for open space garden outdoor patio ideas. When it compares with the previous model, the “running bond”, this pattern which is called as the “basket-weave” also could create a soothing effect for the eye. This pattern would be a perfect trial for you as a beginner who has a plan to renovate your patio by yourself. You could do these renovating work easily.

On the picture above, actually the homeowner has two different brick patterns. Besides using the “basket-weave” pattern, they also used another model which is called the “soe-horn”. These patterns also the easy ones to do, you just need to place the bricks at whatever point you would like. You don’t need to use dangerous tools to cut the bricks or slice hardscape materials and you could avoid the noisy sound that would produce from the tools.

Easy Does It With Gravel Patios

by Clive Nichols/Getty Images

Another example of the material that you could use to cover your garden surface is by using this gravel outdoor patio ideas. This idea has an advantage when it is compared with bricks or natural stone. You could look at the zen garden photo above, there are some big size trees which usually has quite big and strong roots. When you choose to use gravel patio it will avoid your gravel to be break by the growing roots.

This outdoor patio idea when it is used like on the zen garden above also no need high maintenance. Especially when you covered the land with landscape fabric first before placing the gravel.

Build a Small Patio in the Right Spot and Marvel at the Results

by Juliette Wade/Getty Images

Affording a land which has a hill would bring you great advantages. You dont need to do extra effort just to make great outdoor patio ideas. This picture is one if the example for you who owned an abandoned hill as your backyard. Turn your hillside into a form of a mini amphitheater.

The table set which placed right in the center of this mini outdoor patio ideas would be the point of interest. Plants and patio would be a perfect combination. Covered up the hillside with japanesse grass. The medium size trees could act as a protection from the sunlight.

Surround the table set with beautiful flowers like daffodils flowers just like on the picture above. The beauty from various kind of trees and flowers on your patio would be a perfect way to enjoy and celebrate every upcoming season start with spring.

Pick the Best of the Best for Late-Spring Plants and Include Them in Your Design

by Mark Turner/Getty Images

Bring the ambiance of magical spring into your garden by placing various kind of flowers that will add beauty into your garden when it perfectly blooms later.

Don’t Scrimp on the Annuals in Summer

by Jeremy Woodhouse/Getty Images

Bring the ambience of the greek house which well known for its tropical typical garden and long lasting bloom. To bring this concept into your patio try to put a various kind and different color of flowers. For example, you could try to grow geraniums like on the picture above. Put them into some flower bed, place them on your roof so it could be dangling down to your patio or you could arrange some roses in a big pot in front of your window.

Enjoy Your Patio on Summer Evenings

by Hero Images/Getty Images

Enjoy your summer weekend by moving your dinner time from your dining room into your backyard garden. This backyard garden could be turned up into great outdoor patio ideas. You design it with outdoor fancy lighting, big square table so your whole big family could sit together and having a great time. Don’t forget to be careful of the mosquitos attack. We will talk about the preventing way of mosquitos on the next slide.

Beyond Fire Pits Have a Fireplace on Your Patio

by Chuck Schmidt/Getty Images

Create a great patio to become enjoyable place during summer or spring time. Add perfection on your backyard patio with an outdoor fireplace. This fireplace would be very useful to be used during the winter when you were too bored to spend the weekend getaway inside the house. Set the fire up and invite your close friends to have some drinks and talks on your backyard patio.

Design New Garden Area

source: clementsdesign.com

You must first map out what you aren’t able to change when considering how to design a patio. Some of the examples are shrubs and trees. Rather than seeing these things as roadblocks to your outdoor patio ideas, use these unmovable items as inspiration in the shaping or locating of your new garden area.

Fireplace Outdoor Patio

source: home-designing.com

During the summer season, the environment could still bring a cold night to you. You might consider to sit out in the evening for a cooler degree. Then, it’s a good idea to add an outdoor fireplace into your outdoor patio ideas.

Contemporary Stepping Stone Slabs

source: ClementsDesign.com

Please don’t stop at just one outdoor patio ideas when you have the space to enjoy several. For example, this sprawling garden offers up multiple patio ideas. A sociable lounge, an al fresco dining area and a couple of decks at the sides are all connected by contemporary stepping stone slabs.

Furniture Outdoor Patio

source barensfeld.com

Once you have your own patio garden idea, you can try to select some outdoor furniture to complement it. You could consider using these patio design ideas to make a pretty room.

Pool Behind Glass Balustrades

source home-designing.com

A great patio is on top of this multi-level garden, nestled under a pergola. You could access here by going through concrete steps via a dining deck. If you took another step, you could see a plunge pool behind glass.

Panton S Style Outdoor Chair

source home-designing.com

This outdoor patio ideas uses heavy planting overhead, and sheer voiles hung like banners to form a flowing wall. Give a knit to the patio to give them a little weight in the breeze. A romantic chandelier lights shining through the dining table could make you and your love interest get into the mood faster.

Simple Pendant Light

source home-designing.com

This pergola provides areas of both light and shade around this quaint outdoor dining spot. A simple pendant light hangs at its center.

Outdoor Room

source home-designing.com

This seating can be built with solid concrete and dressed with cushions that are to be stowed away during winter. Create the perimeter of an outdoor room with the permanent seating structures to enhance the theme.

Covered Patio Design

source oldbrandnew.com

Look at the covered patio them which features a hanging swing seat ina natural cane finish. The flooring is a stunning geometric tile in a joyful blue colorway; orange cushions on the outdoor sofa provide a stripe of warm contrast.

Hot Tub Patio Design Incorporates

source Elysianlandscapes.com

This outdoor patio ideas theme incorporates two beautiful patterns to make it stand out. Also, take note of how to paint the concrete walls with a beautiful shade of blue. The color will complement the tile color which makes them even prettier. Consider using a blue pillow on the outdoor which will add the finishing touch.

Party-Ready Porch

By Brian Woodcock

Get your home ready for the family event, or maybe a casual meeting with a friend using these rocking chairs. Also ample storage, and a long table to display food and small bites. Then, set the scene by adding a BBQ set and comfortable floor pillows. Be sure to have a cooler ready to go, and have your favorite sangria recipe on hand.

Al Fresco Dining

By David Stay

A mix between umbrella which you could find anywhere, with lush greenery and a rustic farm table make this outdoor patio idea great.

Seasonal Touches

By David A. Land

Sheet moss line well together with the round zinc baskets from the terrain. Then, they filled it with soil and dried angel vine, which, like a flower frog, helps hold things in place. After that, anything will mix perfectly with this Connecticut.

Wall of Windows

By Gridley and Graves

Consider making use of your porch corner to the fullest. It could provide a respite from the lakeside wind which also feels cozy.

Picture-Perfect Porch

By Buff Stricland

This simple nice looking patio ideas looked so simple and innocent. For you guys who only have only a little time, this patio might be great ideas to use. Also, consider to adopt some dog, which could keep you accompany while you relax.

Warm Welcome

By Annie Schlecter

Last, but not least, is this simple but cozy outdoor patio ideas. The sofa will drawn your attention faster than you could think. Take a respite in there while enjoying the scenery.

Solids and Stripes

By Tarra Donne

All this renovated New York home’s expansive porch needed to take it from scary to airy was new flooring and a fresh coat of paint. Inspired by a superstition that a light blue ceiling would repel bees, the owner painted it a soft blue-green shade.

Industrial Finishes

By Brian Woodcock

The screened-porch at this Alabama homeembodies modern country charm with its practical galvanized roof, concrete floors, and cinderblock fireplace covered in a sand wash. Huge concrete boxes let the owners store firewood year-round, and cushioned wicker chairs make this room even more cozy.

Bring on the Blues

By Annie Schlechter

In the Gullah culture of South Carolina, a watery-green shade of paint was said to keep evil spirits, known as haints, from invading the home. These days, “haint blue” ceilings can be found in and beyond the Lowcountry, but you can try your luck with smaller doses of the shade. Here, the ceiling is painted Yarmouth Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Multifunctional Porch

by Max-Kimbe

Meet the hardest working porch in Georgia: It’s a sitting room, a mudroom, a potting station, and a breakfast nook rolled into one—the perfect way to take advantage of a yearly average temperature of 62 degrees.

Mission Style

by Max Kim-Bee

A vine-wrapped pergola and boxy gray wicker seating offers contrasting shape, color, and texture in this backyard of this California bungalow. Glazed pots filled with low-maintenance succulents create a layered look that mimics the home’s interior.


By Hellen Norman

Situated on a narrow peninsula, this South Carolina lake house boasts three-sided lake views best taken in from the patio surrounding the property’s stone-encased fire pit. The cranberry Adirondack rockers echo the trim on the home’s exterior.

Simple Porch

By Jammes Merrell

The homeowners of this lakeside Vermont bungalow hired regional contractors and cabinetmakers, and relied on natural materials sourced nearby to renovate their home.





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