√ 30+ Best Home Gym Ideas and Gym Rooms for Your Training Room

A workout is one of the essential things that people do in order to keep their body healthy. That’s why, in this modern era, people do workouts as their lifestyle and workout at the gym outside their house it is either too far or it can be expensive for one session. To solve the problem like this you probably need an effective way to save your money and also save your time. Yes, your own private home gym is the answer!

You may think that the gym equipment is expensive, guess what? Not all of them, some of them are actually not that expensive. Additionally, this way is better way to save up the money you spend just to go to the gym every day. Also, your private home gym enhances your motivation to get fit every single time even in the winter.

There are so many ideas to inspire to get your own home gym, to know more further, take a look at this home gym idea down below.

The Best Home Gym Ideas

source: Mr. Kate

If you have been following this awesome designer on YouTube, you probably notice their home gym makes the viewers jealous. The great way to get the home gym in the house of Mr Kate’s idea is turned the garage into their own private gym. Not only it is separate from their house but also people can relate since house usually comes with a garage. To make your gym home looks really comfortable you can also decorate it just like your own house!

Basement Family Room Ideas

source: Eisner Design

Another inspiration from Eisner Design is actually a creative way to turn your basement into useful area. Basement usually has no windows which makes the room dark, the great way to make it as the area that friendly for both parents and children is to turn the basement into playing area and gym home with windows.

Attic Home Gym

source: Geometra Design

If you have an attic that you do not use, you can turn them into your private home gym! This is a great way without having to build another room just for your gym area. This brilliant idea from Geometra Design turning the unuse attic become the open and spacious area for the gym area is the idea that absolutely you can steal.

Rustic Home Gym

source: Cedar Hill Custom Homes

Rustic style is very popular in the interior design, not only it brings the comfortable vibe with the earthy tones but also it has a unique stunning style of its own ways. Cedar Hill Custom Homes create the gym home looks with the rustic style is absolutely looks beautiful. The brick walls and wood floor bring the rustic industrial style that looks absolutely perfect together.

Modern Farmhouse Home Gym

source: Tim Barber LTD

A farmhouse style brings the cosy looks in the house. This gym looks created by Tim Barber LTD with the simple farmhouse style. The white walls and sliding door enhance the comfortable look of gym home design.

Use a Corner of Your Bedroom


Living in a small space like apartment or small house is hard to get a good space for gym area. To solve the problem you can use the corner space in your bedroom. Arrange the bedroom’s furniture wisely to get the little space for your gym area.

Workout Room with Mini Pool

source: houzz.com

To have a mini pool inside your house is the best part of the house. If you are the lucky person who have the mini pool inside your house, you absolutely can make the little space next to mini pool as the gym area. The benefit to have a gym area next to the pool is that you can get to the pool right away after workout, what a nice thing to have right?

Patio Workout Space

source: houzz.com

If you have space in your patio area, you can also turn it into your gym area. All you need is to turn them into space with a roof and wood panelled walls with rubber mats.

Space-Saving Workout

source: houzz.com

For those who want to have a low budget gym home then this is for you! Use your unused space as your gym area or just use your small corner space in the house that you do not use.

Art Deco-Inspired Gym

source: houzz.com

Some people cannot live without art or they simply just adore them. If you are one of them who love art maybe you can involve the artistic interior design into your gym room area. The design like this brings a good vibe as the motivation to have a workout for your everyday life.

Embolden Yourself With A Jolt Of Color


Colours bring a happy mood for everyone who sees it. To decorate your gym area you may love to have this cheerful theme as your workout motivation. Choose the bright colour for the floor and decorate your plain wall with multiple colours, also do not forget to get the colourful fan to spice up the area.

Create A Workout Space That Doesn’t Stress You Out


To get less stressful while doing a workout, you can choose a calm colour for your wall colour. You can choose a calm colour like turquoise, blue, sea green, or blush.

Namaste All Day With This Converted-Shed Idea

source: LOWE’S

Another way to have home gym is that turning your shed in your backyard as your home yoga space.

DIY Fitness Room Mirrors

source: In My Own Style

A mirror is necessary as the decoration of interior design, a mirror can make the room so much bigger and also gives the aesthetic look. The mirror for your home gym is also important to get to see the right position of your workout.

Gym Closet Organization

source: Janis Nicolay / HGTV)

A closet is very important to keep your space organize and tidy. Get yourself a closet or shelves as the place for your gym supplies or shoes.

Home Gym Hacks for Small Spaces

source: Elite-xpressions

source: Grace Lee

To keep all of your gym supplies in a small space of the gym area you can make your own DIY project for the wall shelves. All you need is cut wood and holders.

Home Garage Gym Ideas

source: Rogue Canada

source: Garage Living

Almost everyone who has medium size house has garage in their house. For you who have garage in their house, you can turn them into your gym area. This is an effective way for you who do not have any more space in your house. Arrange the position of your gym equipment with others to get the amount of space that you need.

Home Gym Ideas On A Budget

source: Craneveyor

source: Rogue Fitness

To have on budget gym area, all you need is to have little space like the corner of your room as the gym area and you do not need to build a new room just to have that space. Get gym equipment that cheaper and do not need a spacious area. For the decoration, you can just get a wood pallet for the wall and a wooden box for your dumbbell or you just let space look like that.

Bedroom Gym Ideas

source: Yampi

Living in a small space like apartment or small house is hard to get a good space for gym area. To solve the problem you can use the corner space of your bedroom. Arrange the bedroom’s furniture wisely to get the little space for your gym area.

Dual-purpose Home Gym Ideas

source: Seattle Staged To Sell

source: Peregrine Design Build

source: Vonn Studio Designs

Regular gym place usually has a big TV and other equipment. However, you do not have to have a gym area that looks exactly the same as the regular gym you see in the fitness centre. To have a gym home you do not need to have a separate area, you can make it as dual purpose as well.

Large Basement Gym

source: hgtv.com





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