30+ Beautiful Indoor Plants Design in Your Interior Home

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To have a neat and comfortable living space is enough for some of us. To add it with the right green elements would make it a joy. You’ll have the beauty out of their lush green foliage and colorful flowers with the right indoor plant designs.

As an additional bonus with indoor plant designs, you’ll also have fresh air all the time. Houseplants filter the foul air and turn it into fresh one. And they do it without any additional power sources or any fancy home appliances.

Have indoor plants in your house? If now you want to have the green elements in your house, here we offer some of nicest indoor plant designs that might help you to make you living space fresher, breathable, and chic.

Snake Plants

source: Sarah Yates

If you want to find indoor plant that tough enough without daily care, try Sansevieria. This plant only need watering when the media dries out totally. It also doesn’t need direct sunlight. Just put one in one corner, just like this one at A House in the Hills. It’s cute.

Weeping Fig

source: Getty Image

Dumb Canes also better indoor plants if you want to have another tough and relatively free-maintenance plants. You only need to water them once for every few days. Just to keep the media/soil moist. Use white pot to get all their green beauty.

Peace Lilies

Source: Pretty Nice

If you want something green and white on its top, try Peace Lily. This plant also known as closet plant. Just like the previous indoor plants, you’ll need to water it once every few days. Match its beauty with a minimalist-modern planter.

Dragon Tree

source: catering sidoarjo

Need an Asian feel in your house? Try this Dragon Tree (Dracaena marginata). Just like the indoor plants in the previous list, this plants also tough, and ready to get thirsty for days before you hydrate it again.

Plenty of indirect natural light helps it to grow robustly. It’s good with s white planter. It also has root which grows quickly with the right condition. So prepare several more white planters, in case it needs more media to grow.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

source: amazon

If you like to feel the green foliage of forest tree, try this Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata). In its natural place, this tree reaches up to 50 feet. But here in your home, you need only a fraction of its height. Because what you need’s the full beauty of its leaves.

You’ll need ample planter with this Fiddle Leaf Fig for it to grow happily and add the visual impact to your room. This plant also tough and almost free of maintenance. Just add water when the leaves start to soften and its top soil dries.

Areca Palm

source; amazon

Areca palm aka golden cane palm (Dypsis lutescens) is the best if you want to have an indoor plants with exotic fronds. This plant will make a good focal point in your house. This also grows well with indirect sunlight. The media also simple, you only need regular loamy soil with well-drained planter.

Overall this areca palm love to be left alone, just keep the soil moist and avoid too much watering, so it turn muddy. Your cat or dog even can along well with this plant, it’s always ready to take any of their naughty acts –bites or kicks.

Plants In the Living Room

source: ofdesign.net

If love the fresh organic green colors as accents in your, try bromeliads. In its natural habitat, these plants grow on another trees, even on rocks. They use special roots to hang on it, and finds water (from air moisture) and nutrients (also from air) through their leaves.

So, if you want the plants in your house, they will have low maintenance level. All you need to do is to find them a place or platforms for them to hang or sit. This will be hooks on ceiling, old branches or tree trunk, or, like this example, flashy modern planters.

Cut Into the Soil for Plants

source: ofdesign.net

How to Choose Your Bucket

This will depend on your taste. But whether you like modern, rustic, minimalist, or vintage buckets/planters, try to match them to your overall house style.


Indoor plants usually have tough nature and not easily to wither, your occasional job will be showering and giving them nutrients. For most indoor plants, you may only water them every few days. But don’t give over nutrient solutions to them.

In showering the plants, consider the room’s temperature. When it’s colder, water the plants often. To get details of soil dryness, try to dig the soil, 5-7cm depth will be enough. If you sure that the soil is completely dry, water the plants right away.

Fiddle Leaf Figs

source: Design Spone

This collective indoor plants only need indirect light. You need the bright one if you want this plants grow properly. Water the plants when the top soil get dry. Like this indoor plant designs from Design*Sponge, put these plants in a corner as an exotic focal point.

Rubber Plants

source: The Blackbird

You need clean air with natural filter? Try this rubber plant in your indoor plant designs. All you need is a good planter, indirect sunshine, and regular schedule to water the plants. Rubber trees help to clean the indoor air, making your room fresh all the time. Put one next to your favorite chair, just like this Blackbird did. And you’ll get your fresh air available.

Classy Glass

source: midwestliving.com

With your aesthetic talents, you can use your unused jars or glass container to show off your love for natural green and beauty in your house. Now all you have to do is making layers of stones (find one with charming natural colors), or you may use layers of mosses (they’re good at retaining moisture). Topping the layers is your favorite small indoor plants, like the illustration.

Orchid Options

source: midwestliving.com

Need a new style to show your orchids? Show the in terrarium way, like this example. The approaches are the same with our previous list. You’ll need layers of pebbles. Apart as the visual treat, the layers also helps to drain excess water (reducing the risk of rotting roots) and help to maintain humidity.

Combines your orchid with mosses, ferns. Add few branches to support the orchid blooms, and you’ll terrarium is ready to show off your orchid blooms for months to come.

In the Air

source: midwestliving.com

Other indoor plants you should try in your home is air plants. This plants absorb air moisture to grow, so you don’t need soil for these type of plants. As the alternative, use geodes, colored sands, or Chrystal as their foothold. As for the maintenance, soak the plants in the water for about 1 hour each week.

Stylish Succulents

source: midwestliving.com

Your collection of indoor plants won’t be complete without tiny cactus. Like this illustration, show case them in your collection of glass jars or containers. Adorn your favorite cactus with corals, shells, sands, and other, to get its utmost beauty.

Ficus Bonsai Tree

source: Getty Image

Impress your friends with bonsai. This Japan tree miniaturization art gives you the chance to make your indoor as peaceful as a Zen garden. If you think your apartment needs one of this bonsai, try the Ficus Bonsai. This bonsai tree won’t need detailed maintenance. This bonsai just need occasional direct sun light and watering.

Iron Plant

source: Getty Image

To live up room with low natural light, put a pot of iron plant. You can count on this plant in a low light condition. It also thrives on poor soils and minimal watering. So if you need real tough (but cute) indoor plants for your house, this iron pot will be the most suitable.

Peace Lily

source: Getty Image

You can have a pot of Peace Lily as Another option for indoor plants that thrive and beautiful under poor light condition. This special flower keeps going well under dim light condition like office or bathroom with no or little sun light. This plant even thrives under fluorescence light. For maintenance, water the plant once a week.


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