30+ Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the house. It is well known that every family member gathers and create dishes that were passed on from generations. It is the place where daughter learning how to cook, grandma sharing recipes or couple cooking together. The diverse usage of the cooking space needs adequate airflow we must ensure the kitchen lighting ideas is suitable.

Kitchen lighting follows the interior design style that the homeowner was going for. For example, a small kitchen needs a large amount of lightning to make an enlarging illusion. While a spacious kitchen allows a lot of moving area which makes cooking a fun activity. The right kind of lighting that fit the theme can be a favorite spot for the homeowner.

Check out some lighting ideas over the kitchen counter that gives lighting effect and set of mood as either the focus point of the kitchen or great lighting support. Let’s look at some Awesome kitchen lighting ideas to inspire you.

source: atouchofsoutherngrace.com

The farmhouse kitchen has incorporated white shades which seems even nicer. Because the high and wide classical arched window goes along with the theme. The perfect opening gives enough sunlight to enter during the day while the unique cylindric chandelier complemented the clean atmosphere that set the mood of simplicity to the room.

source: urbanelectricco.com

The unusual candle in a cage lighting is the masterpiece of the kitchen that you can not miss to appreciate this unique fixture.

source: bloesem.com

Pendant Lighting gives a touch of the modern cafe looking to the all white background. The shiny copper light shines warm beam that makes the kitchen more inviting.


While the pendant lamp usually gives the downlight effect that pours down the counter. It is where people usually spend the most time to cook. However, this glass hanging lamps manage to evenly divide the spectrum light downward as well as around the kitchen.

The glass lamp has a mirror effect that enables multiple lights to travel across the kitchen. As a result, it create enough light for the kitchen.This is a nice kitchen lighting ideas for you.

White, gray and brownish shades are all the neutral combination. In which, blends nicely in a modern industrial theme kitchen. The gray tone gives a modern look while the wooden flooring keeps the kitchen entitled for a rustic looking house.

When deciding the right furniture to fit into a kitchen lighting ideas. You must pay close attention to the color template on which color tone dominate the most. The light shades of white is a safe background that gives the freedom to choose the furnishing items. Warm inviting vibes are portray amazingly with a wooden element such as the interesting square hanging lamp in this kitchen.

Great lighting can share enough light to make the room brighter but not overwhelming.That is why these pendent glass transparent lights give enough lighting to cover the small yet sophisticated kitchen.

These two chandeliers with vintage structure represent luxury and elegance to the dark traditional country style kitchen lighting ideas.

The multiple window placement makes adequate natural light brighten the monochrome kitchen. The square feature seems to be the theme of this kitchen that incorporated subtly. Therefore, the high square frame around the brass lamp is a classic meet modern lighting that becomes the center point of the room.


Shining White is the mood that these hanging lamps represent that immerse so well to the all-white ambiance of this kitchen.

Kitchen Pendant Lights

source: unsplash.com

There is enough balance in this black against white kitchen. The panel dark wood against the white stripes cabinet makes a clean straight line, a typical modern structure. So, the black circular lamp over lighting the black round still create a harmony that delivers a modern style.

Kitchen Island Lighting

source: mydomaine.co.uk

Exposed wire, pipe and lamp are all the elements of Industrial interior design. It is a kitchen lighting ideas design without hiding anything that looks impressive. The long black wire wrapped around a long thin pole give a messy structure. Whereas actually, it goes through a deep lighting installment that thinks about function and beauty at the same time.

Exposed Wires

source: pin-insta-decor.com

There is enough white and black element in this kitchen lighting ideas that brings out the modern theme. For example, the white cabinet and a wide clear window that meets the glass decorative deer head. It represent shades of white.

While a hint of the silver appliance and black hanging wire lamp makes a strong visual. The overall look is both classic and modern at the same time. Also, a simple lighting blends well to the kitchen.

Hanging Edison Bulbs

source: beeyoutifullife.com

There is a thin line that goes from the ceiling across the window lining, literally. This kitchen basic structure works well with drapes of Edison light bulb that is both thin and fascinating. It works as subtle lighting enhance by the upper lighting of downward lamps on the second floor. It gives just enough soft light against the already spacious kitchen with surrounding clear window.

Industrial Loft

source: housebeautiful.com

A gradience of light gay meets dark gray enhances this industrial looking kitchen, which features a silver cone hanging Edison light against other shades of grey marble countertop. The dark grey pole in both sides create a boundaries from the island to the cabinet behind.

Reclaimed Lights

source: blog.kirstendanielle.com

Once a while you come across a remarkable piece of artistic items in the flea market. Therefore, you can build up the entire interior design just by taking inspiration from one thing only. This reclaimed metal structure easily turned into an amazing pendant light. With a little creativity and professional help, you can have your very own lighting design.

Light over the Kitchen Sink

source: wnetwork.com

The changing of the weather can affect how many sunlight able to brighten the kitchen. The amount of light will differ between morning and night. A wide unique ceiling lighting gives extra lighting when needed. Even at night, it seems gives an adequate amount of light over the counter. As a result, it enables the homeowner to cook and clean comfortably.

Simple Ceiling Light

source: magnoliamarket.com

You feel like walking back in time to old English lane with the white exposed brick wall. This might feel like the sidewalk lamp turn into a hanging chandelier. The subtle light that hit every direction of the kitchen gives an illuminating light that enough to brighten the kitchen. The unique chandelier-like lighting gives a classic yet modern touch to the soft clean kitchen.

Exposed Beams and Spotlights

source: thelightingresource.eaton.com

Modern kitchen means implementing straight line and casual lighting. Moreover, the decoration is also put down to the minimum and all the utensils are hidden nicely. Sophisticated lighting of the future feature long stick lighting above the open cabinet line.

The tree layer lining with the same conjoint liting creates a visual effect. It will highlights the kitchen cutlery that poses as decoration items. The drama that the lighting create enough to put the side wall into the spotlight.

Downlights and Chandeliers

source: steltoncabinet.com

The enormous amount of light in this kitchen varies from the small light bulbs in the ceiling. Also, the lighting under the kitchen cabinet and the pendent act as the main attraction of the kitchen. Furthermore, two small hanging lighting is more suitable as a decoration future.

While the rest of the lights does a fine job enlighten the kitchen. All in accordance with the homeowner convenience. When you desire a small amount of lift just lit some of the lightings. However for extra brightness just turn all the light on.

source: livingetc.com

You can’t escape the luxurious ambiance that this kitchen nicely portrays. The golden cabinet, meet the jade marble island is top with a giant Forties circular light. At the piece of artistic lighting that makes the room even more glamorous.

source: livingetc.com

Taking nature into inspiration, this branch looking lighting is the show stopper. You could see over the countertop which will amaze anyone who sees it.

source: livingetc.com



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