21 Top Living Room Paint Ideas As The Best Decoration

Living Room Paint Ideas -You know that your living room is the most trafficked area in the house. Whether you have your leisure time or hosting friends, your living room’s the nicest choice.

If you want to express your personality or taste on aesthetic matter, then this living room will be your best representative. You probably love vintage tones, minimalist style, or other themes. You show them in your living room and let them shine for you.

Then how to do that? Paint it. The easiest way to show your personality through your living room is by repainting the room with your favorite colors. It’s not only the most affordable, but also the handiest. Here are some awesome living room paint ideas for your inspiration.

Eclectic Elegance

source: hgtvhome.com

Trying to be calm and striking at the same time? Try this living room’s color pattern by Rate My Space user merskine. It combines the soft shades of green, yellow-green, turquoise, and jade green. All interspersed with bright white to add the needed separating lines. The result is a striking but calming living room.

Traditional Neutrals

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If you love simple color which represents a calm and established personalities, try neutral colors. To spice up the flat overall color tones, add some bright hues or shaded, like this example from designer Kenneth Brown. For the brownish setting and background color of the living room, he adds shades of green and red for charming balance and fresh atmosphere

Breezy Contemporary

source: hgtvhome.com

Love soothing atmosphere? Try this living room paint ideas. Try the combination of this cream wall and calming blue drapery colors. They blends nicely with dark brown floors to make overall peaceful air. The stripped chairs and the cream area rug add fresh focal point to the living room.

Deep Hues

source: hgtvhome.com

If you love dark colors for the living room, try to combine them with lighter color in order not to look too dark and gloomy. In this example, designer Kenneth Brown lighten the dark grey and deep purple color with two-tone draperies and cream furnishings.

Brightly Colored

source: hgtvhome.com

As a living room paint ideas, A combination of classic and modern living room color also nice to try. This example from designer Shelly Riehl David show you how. The classic of green and pink color of the room are imbued with fresh modern fuchsia and lime green colors, resulting a striking living room.

Classic Palette

source: hgtvhome.com

Light up your traditional living room with bold colors like this illustration from RMSer Creynolds. The dominant cream color will look dull without fresh accent. Then came the dark red area rug, light brown draperies as the hues and shades to get rid the dullness.

Add an Accent Wall

If you like a particular bold color but know it would be too much when applied on all your living room’s walls, then use the color as accent wall color. Use the color to highlight a particular wall and make it your focal point. Or set is as a background for your artwork. As a note, if you have several favorite colors, apply them at once on your wall in stripes.

Create Contrast with the Ceiling

Another living room paint ideas worth mentioning, is to try exploring the often neglected spot with shades of colors, and show your friends that the spot could also add charm to your living room. Bold color will brighten the room, while a more subdued color calms your living room. Low ceiling works well with a cool shade (try lilac or blue colors) to make it looks higher.

Paint the Floor

After exploring the ceiling, now it’s time to do the same to the floor. Like this example, a painted floor also helps to make your living room stand out, and make you proud. Lime green color make the living room look modern and fresh, so other bold colors. Make your concrete floor extra shiny with epoxy coat, or you can polish it to resemble marble for solid and calming living room.

Create Texture

Textured paint also worth to try when you consider to make a wall accent. And your wall will flat no more. It got textured from many painting approaches, like stippling, marbling, or rag rolling. If you want the sort cut, you’ll find specialized rollers and brushes to get the same textured effects in quicker and more practical ways.

A textured accent wall makes your living room looks classic and vintage. It even makes your living room appears luxurious when you use neutral pallet with only slightest difference in their shades, like the marble texture in the illustration, overall this living room paint ideas will give your money worth your time.

Create a Custom Mural

Mural also worth to explore for an impressive living room. To fill the void on the wall, try to put a mural. A small mural can spice up room considerably. A big mural, like the one in the example, makes your living room feels like an art gallery. Whether you choose rainbow colors or monochromatic one, it’s up to your tastes.

If you don’t have any cool living room paint ideas for your mural, pick one or two theme from your favorite mural artists. You also can always hire professional artist to do your favor. As an alternative of wall mural, try to hang large artwork on your wall. It would be handy and easily to remove when you considered to move house.

Shifting into Neutral

source: benjaminmoore.com

One of the safest option when choosing wall paint will be a neutral color. The color can blend nicely with the adjoining rooms. If you want your living room looks comfortable and inviting, choose warm color shades. But if you want chic and modern air, try colors with cool undertones. Splash them with shades of white color to emphasis your favorite stuff or furnishings.

A Case for Color

source: benjaminmoore.com

Neutral colors may inspire a calm and peaceful living room. But it also has side effects, it feels monotone sometimes. As a living room paint ideas, to add the vibe, try to find your bold favorite colors and splash it on your wall, like the illustration. The two-tone living room light up with the bold color of the wall.

Beyond the Pale

source: benjaminmoore.com

As a living room paint ideas, an accent wall will add drama and dynamic to your living room. Choose a wall in your living room, and give it your bold favorite color.

It might be the fireplace wall, your gallery wall, or any other wall you feel suitable for the purpose. If you want better results, find the accent wall color which in tone with the overall stuff in the living.

See the Light

source: benjaminmoore.com

The amount of light your living room gets impacts color. A room flooded with sunlight can handle more saturated color, but pale shades tend to get washed out. For help in picking the most comfortable color, take your room’s temperature. Cool color counters strong sunlight, but north-facing rooms get cozier wrapped in a warm color. Choose Benjamin Moore Aura® paint in a matte finish to ease the reflections in a room with strong natural light, or for a soft effect in rooms where natural light is minimal.

Tech Green

source: douwzer.com

Dark greens were the popular paint ideas for living room wall colors in the ’90s, but now tech green is the go-to shade. Pair bright green walls with muted wood and neutral white accents.


source: patinargentino.com

Orange doesn’t have to be vibrant and punchy. Here, walls are painted a muted orange and paired with wood accents and beige for a warm, modern look.


source: africa studio

It’s time to branch away from classic white walls. For a look that’s different but not vibrant, try a soft pastel such as mint green or a sandy pink, or try pairing a few pastels together in a geometric pattern. And soft pastels work well with black and white accents.

Shades of Blue

source: photographee.eu

Blues are paint ideas for living room walls that never really goes out of style. Try paintingyour living room with a crisp, light blue for a calming feel, or a deeper shade of blue for a more dramatic and energized look. Bonus: Blues pair well with not only wood accents, but bold colors and crisp whites.


source: plusone.com

Black is a hot color for 2018 and are paint ideas for living room accents that adds a lot of drama. And black can be treated as a neutral and is striking with crisp white furniture.

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