20 Best Outdoor Spiral Staircase Modern and Contemporary

OUTDOOR SPIRAL STAICASE - The best suggestion to make a decision for various type of staircase is the spiral staircase. It is not only simple but also has a lot of models and flexible in limited space.

Spiral staircase is the best choice to be applied in limited area. They can be designed into tall and slim. Moreover, in large area, they can be great, luxurious and impressive as the interior design

Historical building such as castles, estates and even churches has the symbolic architecture implemented in the design of the building. One of the symbolic part of the building is the staircase in which the spiral staircase to exhibit the artistic and luxurious building.

The artistic and luxurious style has been impressed by spiral staircase in historical building such castles, estates and churches for so long. But in lifestyle development, finally we can have it in our own house-customizable to our own space whether it is big or small area.

The flexible style of spiral staircase in huge and narrow area is a brilliant idea to be implemented in our own house to make it gorgeous.

Check the 20 models of spiral staircases by around the word staircases designers to renovate your ordinary house into high class and sophisticated one.

Exterior Spiral Staircase

outdoor aluminum spiral staircase

source: ofdesign.com

To get the best decision of staircase, try to combine the warmth and cold in steel with wood. The wood creates the warmth atmosphere inside the house. You can also use different types of wood for staircase and ramp to stand them out. For better combination, you can add the sophisticated effect with affordable cost for marble, artificial stone or even granite. The accent of futuristic house can be reflected from the design.

Steel Interior and Exterior

outdoor spiral staircase home depot

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Staircase is not only used functionally as the way to go up or downstairs but also it works as interior design of a house. You can try figure out the designer to make the best model and shape of custom staircase in provided space in your house. The best material known used for staircase are steel and wood. So you can use steel which commonly known strong and durable characteristic. It will give more statement toward your hefty house.

Steel Staircases Combine Functionality and Design

outdoor spiral staircase treads

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For outdoor such as garden, steel staircase is the best choice. It is very easy for maintenance, you don’t need more protective layer such as carpet or others for the stairs. So you can save more money from the maintenance budget. The most favorite design for outdoor is spiral staircase, ladders, steel beams and stairs.

Steel Stairs Make for Unusual Interiors and Exteriors

outdoor spiral staircase portland oregon

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For limited budget but still craving for classy interior, spiral staircase is the answer. You can customize with your limited area inside the house but still have the quality of classy interior as well. The custom design of spiral staircase is very friendly for budget and you can put some tastes and look that you want into it.

Compact Design

buy outdoor spiral staircase

source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

The compact design of spiral staircase can be applied in studio houses as well. To create an impression of busy houses, it is very suitable even in the smallest design. But for bigger area, you can do more.

Spiral Staircase on Deck

outdoor spiral staircase reviews

source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

The chunky design of spiral staircase in limited space in your backyard of the house can be very optional. You can have different view with high functional space. It works in little space a lot.

Middle East Design

outdoor spiral staircase los angeles

source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

Have you ever imagine to combine showstopper and metalwork inside the house? The masculinity and artsy accent will be created to make a vintage style of a house.

Simply Elegant Spiral Staircase

outdoor spiral staircase australia

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Give the best vision to your house by place the staircase to the center to make it as the focus. Make the best decision to make your house as you want where the most time you will spend in self-relaxing.

Unique Spiral Staircase

outdoor spiral staircase images

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Create your own statement in any kind of room from the staircase. In little space, such as library area, you can use the vintage accent to make it warm and first with color to make them blend.

Concrete Material

best outdoor spiral staircase

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For minimalist concept, spiral staircase is the ideal option to be customized. It works a lot to make it look more stylish and modern as the main concept. The concern toward the material also important as the attention.

White and Wood Spiral Staircase

outdoor spiral staircase installation

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Spiral staircase in white and wooden combination is the best look to create the accent of warm and modern in your house. Make it as the plus point of extraordinary stairs.

Wood and Metal

outdoor spiral staircase cost

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The combination of white metal and wood in spiral staircase impressed well into modern style. The matched colors can be stand out for the rest of the house.

Small Modern Style

outdoor spiral staircase kit

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The helix type of wood spiral staircase produces the simple style of a house to reach the second floor by maximizing the limited area.

Contemporary Design

outdoor spiral staircase brisbane

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The wood stairs with polished metal for spiral staircase is worth it to be tried. Create the unique way to reach the upper floor or ceiling through the contemporary style of stairs.

Matte Finish

outdoor spiral staircase kits amazon

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To make a distinguish accent of a house you can use black metal spiral staircase placed under the ceiling and let the light make them look outstanding in the room. Moreover, fresh and windy air can travel inside your house freely.

Drift Wood

building an outdoor spiral staircase

source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

A grand spiral staircase produced by drifting wood treads in between the 2 white sides rises into the next flooring and invites individuals as they go into the house.

White Colored

outdoor spiral staircase dimensions

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Create the tidy and basic house in the shape of white spiral staircase and completed with wood stairs and white railing. Keep it look simple and modern.

Modern Design

outdoor spiral staircase auckland

source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

The black metal combined with rods curving along the spiraling action can create the modern sensation of more like birdcage. The bold accent can give statement of your house.


outdoor spiral staircase for deck

source: homedit.com

Fresh design for fresh mind, use the eye-catching color such as turquoise to make a playful room. The chosen color also impresses to make more dynamic activity. It works well for those who need creative idea as the duty.


outdoor spiral staircase atlanta

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Rainbow with the colorful style can be found in London home where it works to update the inspiration for house interior design as the reference. The chosen colors of rainbow boost the creativity in mind and easily refresh idea when you feel run out of them.


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