27+ Awesome Pool Fence Ideas for Privacy and Protection

Everything about swimming pool is admirable. One of swimming pool stuff is pool fences. They have function as safety and decoration for pool. In addition to, the most important one is to avoid the pets and children playing there without adult guidance.

Figure out the best style of yours to make a decision of pool fence installed in your house. Consider the function that you want so you can count the best budget plan you need. You will prefer to have the basic one with the affordable price if your needs in only for safety reason. It is enough. Yet, you can choose the more stylish one when you really need a lot of touch on your pool to make them as the best me-time basecamp as you can.

Keep pay attention to figure out the most suitable wide range, styles and even materials to create your lovely pool fence that we summed up into 27 ideas below.

Metal Pool Fence

The aluminum pool fence is one of the best decision you can take to make a perfect swimming pool. It has its own elegance when it installed on pool side and the fencing of aluminum is not that hard. Besides, the attractive appearance and durability interest people of America to choose them as a decision and make them as the most popular type of metal pool fences especially the ornamental pool fencing.

To have the desirable metal pool fence, you can design and paint them to make them not look just the ordinary one. This type of pool is well-known as the strong one. Yet, you need to know that this type of fence needs some effort in term of maintenance as they can easily be dirty and rust by the time.

Wrought iron and stainless steel are another type of metal pool fences. The collaboration of wrought iron and metal can create the traditional vibe and the elegance of swimming pool. Besides, some decorative metal fences details will make the vivid character.

Aluminum Pool Fence

The problem of aluminum fence maintenance to keep them durable and resistant from outer danger can be solved by protecting the outer layer with powder coat. Besides, they can have more attractive appearance. The point is actually regular maintenance since they are high risk to rust in certain weather somehow. But, with affordable price for fence types, they have their own impression as the authentic one in wrought iron fencing arrangement.

High price for high quality, so a little more effort for maintenance is acceptable as long as it works as its own function well. Even though you consider that all about this type of fence is enough, you need to know that markets always improve with more handy features for pool side. One of improvement offered is something what the aluminum fence doesn’t have that is durable and easy maintenance. It is more practical.

Wrought Iron Pool Fence

Wrought iron might not be the best option for aesthetic backyard but refined modern can make it come true. These fences commonly made of metal such as steel or iron. Not to mention, they have high risk of the corroding nature of iron without regular maintenance. So many people will spend much money by considering the durability and the material used for their pool fence due to the consideration of minimum effort and time to do regular maintenance.

Vinyl Pool Fence

The attractive fence with the functionality and convenience as the private swimming pool! What are those? Those are the vinyl fence offers. They are customizable based on the level of privacy needed. The main point is vinyl fence maintenance free. So people can save time for another more important business. That is really valuable for mobile person.

The maximum level of safety, privacy and also maintenance free are only provided by vinyl fence. They are commonly made of high grade PVC vinyl. This type of fence has the characteristic on the durability and lightweight.

The best point of this type of fence is the customizable features. The various style suits the customer needs so it can have more personal accent. Besides, for mobile person, the most important one is completely low maintenance due to the material that is PVC and high level of privacy. Yet, the disadvantages of this type of fence are the bulkiness and color option. So it needs a huge area to build and white is the one and only. Some those are enough reasons for customers to rethink. Besides, the gate will sink down to the ground by the time passes.

Glass Pool Fence

Glass panel is one of the suitable fences for you who have provided high cost for swimming pool side. The convenience offers when fencing does not block your vision toward the view of nature. The tempered class as the material chosen between another typical glass frame. The glass fence has two in one concept that is safety by the frame and best view by the unframed or transparent. The hardware such as stainless steel commonly used together to strengthen the installment and cover the vulnerability.

The premium material in the glass fencing offers the open view from the pool side. Yet, you need to know that regular maintenance need to be considered. Besides, the cleaning of glass panels to get the best view is important. Moreover, this type of pool fence is more expensive rather than the other pool fence types.

Wood Pool Fence

Wood fencing can create the blend of natural landscape and exterior. It also provides the elegance and privacy of swimming pool. Combined with simple beams and post create the look light and natural toward the space. They are perfect to create the accent of sturdy and stunning fencing.

Once a wood fence installed, full privacy obtained when the view is blocked. But, in some urgent cases, need more time to be noticed by people outside. Even though when you think that is perfect, yet, high maintenance is needed. So, much time and effort need to be provided. Besides, wood fence is climbable and attract some animals somehow and the warping woods by the time. Meanwhile, the main advantage is the option of various colors of paint that can be applied, sizes and customized.

Modern And Minimal

source: houzz.com

To get the open view you can prefer to the simple metal fence. Besides, the modern look blends well with the house architecture.

Darker And Stylish

source: houzz.com

This simple fence does the job when you need to keep the pool space closed off for safety reasons. We like how it doesn’t close off the view but will still keep children out of harm’s way.

Part Of The Patio

source: houzz.com

This fence is great because it just wraps around the pool deck space as if that is where it is supposed to be. It keeps your view intact and keeps the kids safe.

A Private Area

source: houzz.com

With a combination of wall choices here, you can be sure you will have privacy in this pool area. We love the seclusion you get with these options.

Traditional Enclosure

source: houzz.com

This traditional fence works well to separate the pool area from the rest of the yard. This is a simple fix if you have safety concerns for children.

Perfect Landscape Match

source: houzz.com

This black metal fence keeps the aesthetics of the home and landscape intact. We love how it curves and blends as part of the landscape.

Great Hardwood Match

source: houzz.com

The hardwood fence on one side and the spaced black fence on the other give this pool space a calm and luxurious feeling that blends well with the deck space.

Wonderful Metal Style

source: houzz.com

This black metal fence gives an unobstructed view of the pool and blends right into the surrounding landscape. It does its job of keeping the areas separated while looking great.

A Luxury Match

source: houzz.com

This fence steps down with the landscape to keep this pool area closed off from the rest of the yard. It doesn’t wrap all the way around because it doesn’t have to, as the far side drops into a tall retaining wall.

Minimal View Obstruction

source: houzz.com

This type of pool fence is a great option that keeps the view intact and keeps everyone’s safety in mind. It is clear and minimal, perfect for this space.

Wooden Fences

by jessicasample.com

Horizontal wooden slats allow air and light to circulate, making a swimming pool deck feel spacious.

Pasture Fences

source: remodelista.com

Take cues from the surrounding landscape. In western Massachusetts, where a gently sloped grassy expanse borders a swimming pool deck, architects O’Neill Rose opted for a pasture fence to reinforce the bucolic agricultural atmosphere.

Limestone Fences

by John Porcheddu

An elevated pool deck makes a limestone fence feel more like a pony wall. Softened with plantings—clumps of Miscanthus grasses mix with the dusty purples of Russian sage, yellows of black-eyed Susans, and the wheats of Calamagrostis—the bulk of the stone fence recedes into the landscape.

Corten Steel Fences

by Nicholas Bray

Corten steel fence panels seem to float but actually are fixed to a concrete footing, hidden by plantings of native perennial tussock grass (Poa labillardierei).

Brick Walls

source: lightlocations.com

The contrast of old brick against a silvery modern wooden deck creates a peaceful atmosphere surrounding a swimming pool in Winchester, England.

Coyote Fences

At landscape architect Tait Moring’s own home, the swimming pool disappears into the surrounding landscape. “It’s very simple,” says Moring. “There are a lot of spring-fed swimming holes around here, and I was trying to create an illusion to them with the design.”

Poured Concrete Walls

by Lauren Moore

One of the best ways to create durable and versatile hardscape elements is with poured-in-place concrete,” writes our contributor Kier Holmes.


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