20+ Best Rustic Lighting Fixtures and Ideas

RUSTIC LIGHTING IDEAS - Lighting is more than mere illumination because it sets the mood and ambiance of a space. In addition to the light it gives off, the look and style of the lighting fixture play a key role in how people perceive a room. Setting a vintage floor lamp in a farmhouse parlor only strengthens the room’s homey quality.

On the other hand, setting the same lamp in a contemporary space makes it a notable focal point. The beauty of these rustic lighting ideas is that they work well in almost any decor.

Distressed wood, black metal, mason jars and natural bamboo are just a few of the materials you will see in this collection of rustic lighting ideas. Each piece is uniquely elegant while remaining eminently practical. Each offers inspiration on how to incorporate it into your home or office.

Barn Wood Rustic Chandelier

rustic lighting ideas

source: uxurydreamhome.net

If you have walnut barn wood then hang some bulbs of different sizes with wires with this barn wood board. Hang this board with dining room ceiling that will make it bright and give it a rustic lighting look.

Make a Prestige Pendant Light with Industrial Rope

rustic lighting ideas diy

source: etsy.com

To build a rustic lighting project this idea great and you do not have to buy anything for this project. You can hang this prestige pendant light on your porch, patio or living room to give your home a rustic touch.

An Orbit DIY Rustic Chandelier

rustic lighting ideas for dining room

source: slmdesigninteriors.com

Of course, a perfect lighting makes your room bright and charming. Make this lovely orbit DIY rustic chandelier just right above your dining table. It will really change your mood and the whole ambiance by switching on the light.

DIY Rustic Vintage Wedding Lighting Decoration with Old Ladder

rustic lamp ideas

source: tulleandcantilly.com

Ladders are very popular to do any type of vintage home decor. You can make this vintage DIY rustic ladder chandelier on a rustic theme wedding. It will make your room or place shiny and increase its grace. Moreover, it’s a very cheap idea to have lightings on any occasion.

A Rustic Lighting Beam with Edison Lights

rustic kitchen lighting ideas

source: idlights.com

An Edison beam rustic lighting fixtures can be made of any length and size. You can hang it on anywhere you want such as in kitchen, living room or in your porch. And if you are going to renovate your farmhouse then this idea of rustic lighting fixture will go perfectly for that.

A Rustic Barn Wood Light Fixture

rustic bathroom lighting ideas

source; customemade.com

You can add a rustic and industrial feel to your home with this rustic lighting idea. It has been made from a barn wood and hanging bulbs. It can enhance the charm of your any space and give it a rustic look.

DIY Rustic Lighting Idea for Your Bathroom

rustic outdoor lighting ideas

source: etsy.com

Do you want to give your bathroom a rustic touch? If yes then this rustic lighting idea is best for that. Take a barn wood board and place some mason jars withholding lights in them with industrial pipes. After all done, hang this board on the wall of your bathroom. It will maker it shiny and glowing.

Handmade Light Fixture Pulley

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source: etsy.com

Recycle some old material and convert then into simple but unique light fixture. It is my favorite rustic lighting ideas for that you do not have to pay a lot. It will give your space a great focal point and make it attractive.

Long Arms

rustic bar lighting ideas

source: countryliving.com

This Waco, Texas home has a neutral palette that looks anything but boring thanks to metallic accessories, pretty prints, and an eye-catching light fixture at the center.

Distressed Display

rustic bathroom lighting ideas

source: fatshackvintage.com

Create an invigorating sanctuary with raw, organic beauty, thanks to stone and wood-clad walls. This bath, inspired from an authentic chalet, offers a restful autumn-season setting. Hanging ferns add colour to the otherwise grim hue, while the delicate chair is situated nearby, breaking off from the chunky appearance of the room.

Bravely Basic

rustic bedroom lighting ideas

source: fatshackvintage.com

Rustic decor doesn’t have to be ancient; in fact, you can seamlessly harmonize it with your modern home, thanks to an open floor plan, and unpretentious cladding. Raw wood and stone elements plays a great role in rustic homes. The weathered texture showcases a scuffed, rough, mountain cottage feel, bringing nature inside your favourite space. Favourite wood species include oak and timber, the latter being the inexpensive choice, commonly used for exposed beams and ceilings. This design is perfectly paired with large glass windows and a warm hearth at the centre of the room.

Rustic Reclaimed Lumber and Vintage Bulb Chandelier

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source: etsy.com

Handmade to your specifications, this rustic chandelier makes a unique statement. The wood base of the light fixture appears to float in mid-air due to the hidden hanging system. Ten (10) bulbs hang down at varying heights, offering both depth and eye appeal.

Barn Pulley Makes Perfect Hanging Lamp

rustic barn lighting ideas

source: etsy.com

Wanting to add a bit of rustic to your home or office? This hanging lamp is a perfect choice. Made from two Edison bulbs hanging from a black barn pulley, this light fixture offers a functional, stylish design perfect for any industrial or rustic space. You can adjust both lights for perfect illumination.

Intricately Carved Raw Wood Lamp Base

rustic basement lighting ideas

source: etsy.com

Carving brings a beauty unlike anything else. This 21 3/4″ lamp base is the perfect example. Made from solid wood, this base offers a warm brown patina with darker accents in the deepest carvings. It includes a weathered brass harp and minor age scratches in the vintage wood surface.

Wrap Lights Around a Pipe or Beam

diy rustic bathroom lighting ideas

source: etsy.com

No one ever said a hanging light had to come straight down from its base. Multiple pendants branch out from a common base, ready to wrap around a handy pipe or beam. You choose colors and finishes, as well as pendant length, for a look completely custom to your space. You can also order a pipe with the pendants for a completely ready-to-install system.

Light Up the Wagon Wheel

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source: etsy.com

Wagon wheels harken back to a more primitive time when horses provided locomotion. This rustic chandelier offers a 23″ wheel with six lights, perfect for the dining room or covered patio. Intricate metal cages protect the light bulbs, adding a touch of rough elegance to the fixture.

Rough Rope and Clear Glass Pendant

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source: etsy.com

A length of Manila rope encloses the electrical cord in this rustic pendant fixture. This rough texture gives it the natural feel that works well in rustic, industrial and primitive designs. The clear hand-blown shade offers the finishing touch on this Snow pendant.

Natural Burlap Wrapped Drum Shade Fixture

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source: etsy.com

The plain woven, coarse texture of natural burlap brings a vintage touch to a simple drum shade. This 13″ diameter shade fits perfectly into small spaces but can be combined with other shades for a larger illumination need. It’s the perfect homespun addition.

Reclaimed Wood Chandelier with Geometric Artistic Touch

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source: etsy.com

Bring an artistic touch to your ceiling with this geometric wood chandelier made from reclaimed lumber. Available in multiple sizes, this chandelier includes up to 12 customized pendants suspended below a spectacular geometric pattern made from different shades and shapes of wood

Simple Natural Beauty in a Rattan Pendant

rustic kitchen island lighting ideas

source: etsy.com

Say goodbye to plastic and glass pendants. Say hello to this 20″ diameter natural rattan pendant that brings a simple elegance to any space. The warm light it casts makes it the perfect choice for entertaining at home or at work. The light peaking out of the side offers soft lighting, while the light below remains strong and direct.

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