25+ Beautiful Swimming Pool Garden Design Ideas

Swimming Pool Garden Design -The definition of an attractive and beautiful swimming pool is not an ordinary swimming pool one that you have seen in your entire life. They only consist of vessel beam with wall-tile and the blue water. They have to be unique with some features and decoration.

It will be so much gorgeous to add some decoration such as fountains, sculptures, lights and other stuffs to attract people spend more time with it. The best view from our own private pool is must be a garden.

Garden view from the pool is the best feeling ever when you can enjoy the open air and refresh mind in the water. Relaxing on the deck of the pool will be perfect with some lounge and umbrella. Besides, you can do your own sunbathing in front of the pool on your own.

Why people love to take care of plants in their house? Yap, since they are not only as a decoration but also as an art in taking care of them. Thus, in order to make your swimming pool to be more relaxing place with some plants, why not?. Check a bunch of swimming pool gardens to give you more inspiration what to do toward your boring pool!

A Spa Island

source mitcham property

Collaborate swimming pool with spa? Why not? 100% of relax definition checked. This design is very useful in any season, you can enjoy the pool every time you want. For spa materials, you can provide removable goods. I bet you have a lot of reasons with resort-like in a house.

Plunge Pools

source The MLS

Don’t be upset with limited area on your backyard. You can make a design of deep pool with small-diameter. You are going to crave for it in summer with the sensation of relaxing dip. Make a little space on it for lounge.

Pools With Irregular Space and Raised Edges

source: renoguide.com.au

Minimalist Pool with Infinity Edge

source: renoguide.com.au

Large L Shaped Pool with Wading Area

source: renoguide.com.au

Swimming Pool at Creighton Farms

source: Creighton Enterprises Custom Homes

Aside from the lovely form and unique color of the pool its garden around it is equally stunning.


source: Hendy Curzon Gardens Ltd

Make a boulevard with the line of tree around the pool! Modern and simple will be the best place to relax your mind.

Swimming Pool

source: Garden View

How relaxing to this setting of swimming pool! The lights, trees and plants really set well. The huge areas will be awesome for pool party along night. High tree create the accent of tropical area balanced by swimming pool. The different level of pools facilitate all family members to enjoy together.

Swimming Pool Garden

source: Victoria Lister Carley Landscape Architect

Find this traditional pool with bushes around the green ground only in Toronto. So relaxing and calming. But now, this idea very valuable to be embodied in your backyard and put your own stuff to show who you are.

Shipping Container Pool

source: courtesy modpools

Have you ever heard about modpools? Get the memorable experience with pool made of shipping container with a few minutes to set them up into heated pool. This rarely idea will successfully applied in limited area in your backyard.

Hill Country Ranch

source: Buff Strickland

An outdoor kitchen, bar and living room with a lot of options of entertainment on the poolside is highly recommended and common design used in the back porch of Texas ranch. Having barbeque party on the poolside or use the side as pre wedding venue, it is gorgeous.

Long Island Bungalow

source: courtesy of benco contrucstion

Enjoy the summer with all friends in outdoor space is the perfect combination with Long Island home. Different levels of swimming pool so the children can enjoy it as well. Family time on swimming pool is highly recommended on low-budget vacation.

Fixer Upper

source: porch.com

The patio and pool really inspire everyone enjoying to get a little refreshing from rush days. When you cannot leave the city but you really need a little escape with messy works, take a decision to decorate your swimming pool layout.

A Pool With A View

source: porch.com

The view of outdoor patio will really works to make your friend jealous with the backyard of yours. The cut-edge of the pool side gives the sensation of swimming under the sky.

Roof Top Garden with Swimming Pool

source: Hemant Barhate

Get your eyes be focus on the transparent pool and well set lounges on the sides. The best layout of garden pool I have ever seen. Add the fountains on the corner to create vivid vibes around the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Water Features

source: Platinum Poolcare

The combination of trees, fountains, plants and the green ground create the modern style of pool. The additional decoration such as sculptures, fountains, and lights create the high class of swimming pool. The light creates the swimming pool look vivid.

The Old Garden Pool

source: Quinlan & Francis Terry Architects

The pavement, grass and the trees well designed in a perfect layout to be enjoyed. It creates the sensation of swimming in the forest. Closer to the nature is the theme of this swimming pool, where the bigger scale of garden.

South Florida Family Estate

Vivid colors features the edge of the pool look like a resort setting of backyard with couch to read books or enjoy meals after swimming. The tile on the pool side produce the sturdy and modern style of swimming pool.

Swimming Pools Gardens

The hedges and wooden decking surround swimming pool on the open air. Do you want to ask for more? wooden pool side and craved bushes make the swimming pool look like in the middle of maze.


source: Garden Grove Landscaping Inc

A dashing blue swimming pool will be perfect with some decoration such as fountains, plants surrounded and lounge. The backyard with high trees and bushes combined well to create the calm and fresh space on the summer.

California Classic

source: porch.com

Create your own pool and spa as this California home to make the accent of manicured gardens as the best place to release stress and having quality time with family and friends. Thick set of plants look like forest create calming place with the wind on the afternoon.

South East

source: Graduate Landscapes Ltd

A swimming pool with high and tiny plants placed in the garden is the best view to completely enjoy the open air. Huge green ground and high tree make the view golf-like. Wooden pool deck emphasizes the accent of traditional and modern design at the same time.


source: Prestige Builders

A dramatic setting of swimming pool contemporary basketball area will be the most unique idea when you need to work out and refresh the body successively. The warm color or material chosen to create the accent of warm in the night

Bridle Path

source: Pro-land Landscape Construction

The covered dining and lounge areas around the pool designed perfectly with the garden and the swimming pool. The accent of warm come out from the light of the sun sneaking from the high trees.

Floating Layers

source: Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

A sophisticated and modern swimming pool created by the decoration surrounded and various plants chosen. Stone material emphasizes the sturdy design as the combination of primitive and modern at the same time.

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