30+ DIY Vertical Garden Design Ideas For Your Home

Love the plants but have no space to grow them? As long as you have fence, planters, or even bare walls, you can always express your love on them. You can grow almost all kind of plants on the limited spaces. So, whether you love edibles, annuals, or perennials plants, go find your planting passions. Here we offer you some inspiring urban vertical gardens for you to try.

You might think a vertical garden always need vertical space like wall for growing your favorite plants like vegetables, flowers, or herbs. But that’s only a media. You can use other media such as containers, trellises, or hanging rods to help you grow the plants. It’s depending on the type of plants you’d like to grow.

Apart for being practical and suitable for limited area, vertical gardens also easy to maintain and to harvest. But you should make notes on certain aspects if you want the plants grow healthy and have high yield. You need to make sure that you put the plants not too high in the vertical garden. Note that the support sturdy enough for your plants. And don’t forget the sunlight.

Further on, your urban vertical garden should be able to resist moisture. Use polyethylene materials for the purpose. Put them at the back of your vertical garden. As you’ll see later, vertical garden is highly customable. There’s no strict rules when it comes to the styling, materials, and even the plants.

Vertical Lettuce Planter

If you’d like to add charming organic green accents to your shabby chic home, try this vertical garden for herbs, lettuce, or any other lush and leafy vegetables. You won’t need large plot for this project, just your vertical garden and a free corner or some empty spaces.

Vertical Pallet Planter

Need something green and useful for your barn style house? This vertical garden from wood pallets will be yours, full of salad stuff, herbs, or other plants. It won’t cost you much, it won’t eat your space either. It also easy to build.

DIY Trellis Planter Holder

Have an empty wall? Why not use it as the support for your favorite plants? All you need to do is finding the right trellises, the planters, and your plants. Fix the trellises on the wall and hang your planters on them. Then you’ll have a cute vertical garden.

Pallet Container Holder

Don’t let your wooden pallet lay unused, use them as your vertical garden supports, like this example. Put on your balcony or some other empty small place in your home and have a nice greenery.

DIY Stacked Planter

Live up an unused nooks, neglected corners with this charming vertical garden. You’ll need some terracotta pots of different diameters and a rod to support from the middle when stacked. Add the potting soil and flowers or herbs seeds. And enjoy your vertical garden.

Hanging Pots

You don’t need to master fancy agriculture science to have a cute vertical garden. Because it’s simple. In the most basic form, it’s only stacked containers full of soils on which your favorite plants grow. The support often used as the focal point, like this illustration. There’s no rigid rules about the containers’ or the support’ materials. In this example you use wooden pallet. But you may use other materials.

Gutter System

Here’s an example of how versatile a vertical garden material is. This garden uses unused roof gutter section as the planters for your favorite veggies or else. Fix them on the support wall in rows, like the example. Give each of them enough space between, so that your plant get enough sunlight. Don’t forget to give them drainage holes at their bottom, so they won’t get waterlogged.

Even More Gutter Gardens

Put two or three rows planters on your wooden house sidings and make them glow with lush green beauty. In this example you’ll still use repurposed roof gutter, only the support will be the siding of your house. Be sure to make a strong support for the gutter. And be sure to make enough drain holes under each of them to avoid waterlogging.

Traditional Trellis

If you want your vines collection grows healthily and charming, don’t forget to put your nicest trellises system. This illustration show you one of the simple trellises. You can made it of ropes easily, and then hang them on a hanging rods. Be sure to make a strong support. This example use 2 wooden supports. You will also get the look from their minimalist style.

Tray Herb Garden

You can also make a focal point with your favorite plants. First find an empty wall for the focal point, then find vertical tray system as the plants support. Hang the system on the wall, fill it with media like soils or else and sprinkle your favorite seeds. Be sure to get strong fastener for your system so that, when, growing, the system still can keep the weight.

A Shoe Organizer

So far you have several types of rigid containers/planters for your urban vertical garden. This time you’ll meet the more flexible. This vertical garden use canvas pouches as the plants holders. Be sure to find strong hooks to hang the pouches. Along with their purposes as plant holders, these pouches also give you visual focal point.

Stair Garden

Don’t let your old and unused staircase lay rotting on your yard. Use it as your vertical garden instead. This illustration shows you how to make it. Simple, isn’t it?

Beam Planter

You could also repurpose unused wooden beams as an artistic urban vertical garden’s support. This time you’ll arrange the beams in columns, after drilling them in angles (see picture) for the plants to grow. See the charm?

Pallet Planter

The versatile wooden pallets come again with a new vertical garden style. This time you’ll have a combination of columns and rows of them. The columns serve as structure support, while the rows will be the container of the veggies, succulents, herbs, or other of your favorite plants. This vertical garden is perfect pair for your shabby chic home.

Bottle Garden

A lover of recycled stuff will love this vertical garden potting materials, they are made of reused plastic bottles. You don’t need to nail them one by one on the wall for support. For the purpose, you’ll hang them with ropes, just like the example. For the plants, try something small (when they grow), so they’ll not too heavy for the bottles and ropes.

Iron Grid Pot Holder

Add visual impact to your bare wall with this grid style vertical garden. This example show you iron rods grid with terracotta pots for a rough plastered wall. Apart from iron materials, you also can try wood or other materials for this grid style vertical garden project.

Staircase Plant Stand

A flat owner with only a balcony with restricted space will love this urban vertical garden. This modern minimalist vertical garden offers you fresh fun with a collection flowers, herbs, or veggies.

Cool Vertical Garden

This cute vintage minimalist vertical garden will be your favorite focal point in the house. It’s also easy to build, if you’re into a carpentry hobby, and see that you’re not only adept at nailing things, but also growing green and beauty stuff.

Arrange Shelves to Keep Pots

Reuse your old shelves into something cute like this urban vertical garden. Put them at a corner of your balcony and see the green beauties shine from it.

Hanging Garden For Apartments

Living in minimalist area of a flat can be challenging if you’re an enthusiast planters. But here’s an idea of vertical garden you could try in your apartment: a floating vertical garden. It consists of rows of wooden plank with holes for pots. And they’re suspended by ropes. It’ll gives clean and neat looks to your flat.

Reuse a Rack

Now about shoe racks. Use the unused shoe racks as the platform of your vertical garden. Line to racks with plastic layers (don’t forget to make holes at the bottoms, to avoid waterlogging) and then put mosses on top of them. These mosses serves as beds for your plants, and wait your vertical garden to bloom.

Go Industrial

Don’t forget the cinder blocks when you think about urban vertical garden. This materials come very handy for your purpose. Stack the cinder blocks in the right spot and start plant them. Before putting soils and seeds into the holes, layer the holes’ bottom with perforated plastic to hold of water.

Build a Trellis

For your climbing plants/vines, use this special trellises vertical garden. This structure consist of wooden box and vertical supports for the wire mesh. The wire mesh itself will be the climbing wall for your favorite vines.

Pocket Planter

This urban vertical garden project even can enrich the visual impact of your room. Hang the pocket planter on one of the wall, and see that it transforms your room into a gallery of greenery. Plants the seeds of plants you like most and let them to refresh your room.

Vertical Planter

If you love carpentry, try to build this charming wooden urban vertical garden. The cascading designs let you plant several types of herbs, vegetables, flowers, or other plants on it. You can also make it bigger or smaller, according to your needs and the space you have in your home or flat.

Plastic Wall Planter

The last of this list of urban vertical garden includes this plastic vertical garden with contemporary design. This vertical garden will fit well with modern home or flat. It also looks great as a focal point in a room. Plant your favorite herbs or flowers and be proud of your vertical garden.

Wall Garden

This wall garden features squares of garden space. Vertical gardens means you can basically have a suspended garden in any sort of capacity you’d like. In this case, this garden is neatly packed into a wall space to add charm to any outdoor space. You can easily switch out the plants to match different holidays to add some extra interesting garden décor.

Brick Garden

This brick garden is a space saver that looks absolutely adorable. It’s a great way to incorporate a theme into your vertical oasis. The plants on the actual bricks complement the brick wall planters perfectly. This gives a well-rounded look when it comes to patio garden decorating. You can make these planters as small or large as you need, it just depends on preference.

Wall Planter Art

What better way to give life to your outdoor space than creating some living art? This interesting wall concept incorporates living plants in place of more traditional décor. This would be a great idea for an outdoor courtyard or even a side garden that has a back wall. The space is so chic that you could host your next party with confidence.

Wall Gardens

These wall gardens are on the larger size, but the larger the wall space, the more plants you can incorporate into the mix. The more interesting the plants, the more interesting the wall space will be. This concept would look especially great with succulents or air plants so that you don’t have to worry about watering them too often.





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