Kutztown Library Mural

Now one would think that with a baby on the way that my painting talents would be used to enhance the walls of the nursery, but no. I've spent the last few months slowly working on a mural for the Kutztown library's children's area. Soren's room (I keep promising those pictures!) is a pear green color with no mural...I am not too fond of murals in homes for some reason...but the library mural has lots of animals and things in it. It's been hard at times to work on this while pregnant (and ignore the "looking-like-crap" photo to the left), but I've managed to get most of it done and will be adding some more things sometime after the baby is born. I've used acrylics for everything other than the background colors, so I wasn't too worried about exposure to paint toxins. My usual messiness has not accompanied me on this project for some reason. Here are some pictures:


Anonymous said...

I saw this mural this week. It is a lively and colorful addition to the space, congratulations on a job well done!
Kevin McCloskey

hazel said...

Hi Kathleen, Thanks for visiting my party! I was HUGE with my second child and like you spent a lot of time on the nursery floor working on her mural! Balance is definitely an issue when your preggers. Love the murals and the nursery!

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