February 26, 2024

Homesewn Baby Sling and Boppy Pillow Cover

So it's been a long while since I've submitted an entry...why? I certainly have free time now waiting for Soren to arrive. I think I just spend more time reading other people's blogs rather than detailing all the minutia in my life.

Today though, I was busy sewing. I made a baby sling and a matching cover for my Boppy pillow. I've been looking for a sling for a while, and I loved the ones at Polkadot Platypus and Karma Baby, but as a semi-decent sew-er (nothing has ever fallen apart on me, despite uneven seams and other minor ugly mistakes), I couldn't see spending $50-$75 on one.

The Karma Baby website had some easy instructions, which seems counterproductive to their goal of selling their own slings, but I really really appreciated their sharing the simple pattern. Jan Andrea also shares her patterns and provides some links too. This took me about an hour to make, and I even learned how to sew a French seam! Ooh la la!

The Boppy cover I made with the leftover fabric, and I'm not so thrilled with it. Out of laziness (a theme for me!), I didn't put a zipper on it...actually I should say it is out of fear, as I have never sewn a zipper onto clothes before. Instead of a zipper, I hemmed and overlapped the fabric in the center on one side, so I could slip the pillow in between but still hide it in the case. It worked ok, but it was a struggle trying to nudge the pillow in. It definitely gave me a little practice in wiggling a baby into poorly designed but adorable clothes. The case is also a bit large and loose in some areas, but I am intending to wash it so it should shrink a little. Let's hope I can get it back on the pillow!

I'll post some pictures tomorrow, as it is pretty gray and rainy today and I worry my camera won't show off the pretty fabric so well.

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