So Much for Making and Doing

Lately I've felt like such a lump, as I haven't been living up to the subheading of this blog. I admit I have a great and legitimate excuse (new mom) however, creativity has been such a huge part of my life since I was a kid, so it's been hard not having the time to knit or sew something. My creative outlet consists of picking out what SoJo will wear in the morning (which takes about 30 seconds) and preparing meals. I know it'll get better as he gets older and plays alone more and hopefully takes naps that are longer than 30 minutes, but right now I am feeling creatively constipated (yuk!).

I'd like to make some simple toys for SoJo, like some knitted blocks or little fabric people, as he is starting to get interested in grabbing things and holding rattles. Of course I am concerned about lead paint and toxins, so making my own toys sounds safe, fun, and super-cheap. My in-laws are coming for a visit tomorrow, so if the 90 degree temps don't get the best of me, I may get my wool out of the attic and make some felted balls for him. I'll post some photos too!

The photo shows some of my silk scarves that I made over the last year or so. I actually don't miss that too much, as those dyes are quite messy. But I will be doing an art workshop this summer at the local library for kids, so I'll be pulling my equipment out again.


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