December 12, 2023

Are You on the Computer Again?

Bringing a baby into the world is not just about the cute little clothes, changing diapers, and making sure your child is loved and cared for, but it's also trying to manage your time. I've found this to be one of the biggest challenges as a new mom, taking care of my son while keeping a tidy home, cooking, spending time with my husband, and last but not least, carving out a chunk of time just for myself.

Despite the datebooks, online calenders, and lists, it's still hard to fit it all in. Like yesterday, when my husband and I suffered through a 24 hour bug, I saw how just missing some of the little chores of the day really added up and made this morning a little more challenging (didn't pump last night, so no bottle this morning, diapers that needed washing out, dirty baby dishes, etc.).

With the New Year, we always vow to get thinner, more organized, become less stressed, and so on. Actually, I don't believe much in New Year's resolutions, but prefer to just resolve to change day-by-day, no matter what time of year. My biggest issue that I'm trying to work on is to spend less time online in the evenings, during what I deem to be "my time." Honestly, it's such an addiction, as many of you probably understand. I can't help but love reading blog posts and feeling a little less alone by finding out that other women are experiencing the same emotions, frustrations and joys that I am. However, I feel like I'm neglecting other creative areas of my life, like knitting, reading, making crafts, and even spending time with my husband.

I'd like to set aside a time, possibly with a timer, for blogging. I just need someone to enforce it for me! Oh, I am so weak! Just think of what I'd accomplish if my laptop broke. But then I wouldn't get to correspond with you, dear readers. And I'd miss you!

If you, like myself, need some help organizing your family circus, head over to the Parent Blogger's Network, where you can learn about BigTent, an organization that hosts nearly 1,000 parent-led groups, including play groups, moms clubs, group blogs (like the Silicon Valley Moms) and even PTAs. They are partnering with Compass Life and Business Designs to offer a special “Get your act together for 2009″ promo. If you join and create a new group (at least 10 members) by the 31st, you'll get 1 month free.


  1. Using a timer is a great idea. I've noticed entire evenings dwindle away just reading blogs!

  2. It is a balancing act. Reading blogs is a pleasure that helps me relax. A timer would be a good idea; keep it from interfering with the chores of life that simply need to be done.

  3. Okay - seeing as it's almost 1 a.m. and all my kids are sleeping for the moment it seems pretty ridiculous that I'm up on the computer! Going to bed NOW.


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