December 13, 2023

Handmade Wreath Ideas

I was paging through one of my mom's Good Housekeeping magazines (she's been a faithful subscriber since my childhood in the 80s) and I found some wonderful ideas for handmade wreaths, some of which are made from recycled or natural items. These are a far cry from the plastic grocery bag wreaths that I remember in my grandparents' house when I was a kid. I just had to share these, even if it may be a little late for decking your doors.

Mens' Tie Wreath

Recycled Christmas Card Wreath

Cookie Cutter Wreath

Cranberry and Popcorn Wreath

Recycled Cork Wreath

Wreath Decked with Candy Canes

An Elegant Paper Wreath from Martha Stewart

Gift Box Wreath (also from Martha)

And one of my favorites is this one made from traffic signs by Boris Bally. You can buy it at if you're so inclined.
Go on and deck those halls!


  1. I like the cookie cutter and cork wreaths! Storing it in my noggin for next year...

  2. Cool wreaths, Kathleen! The Christmas card one is really great and I like the cookie cutter one as well. Thanks for stopping bny my blog!

  3. I'm with Erin. The cookie cutters and corks both screamed, "Shana, even you could make these!"

  4. I adore the cookie cutter wreath and the recycled Christmas card wreath. Both are excellent ideas for next year!

  5. What great collection... I think you should make one of each!

  6. Those are ADORABLE! The necktie wreath is my favorite. :)

  7. Way cute ideas, will file these as to do for next year, the cookie cuter and men's necktie ones are my favorites.


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