Temple of a Million Bottles in Thailand

Mr. Geek clued me in on this one. He's a Digg and news site junkie, so he's always sending me links for weird, interesting and funny stuff. I should have asked Mom Most Traveled if she's been to this place, but I'm hoping she'll comment and let us know.
This is actually a Buddhist temple made out of recycled bottles. Even the toilets are made out of them (I wish they had a photo of those), and there is also a mosaic made of bottle caps. If I lived in a warmer climate, I'd consider making some structures out of glass bottles, since they are plentiful and allow light to pass through.
How cool would this be for a kids playhouse, or even a garden shed?


CanCan (MomMostTraveled) said...

Hmm, this is one temple I haven't seen in Thailand (I was starting to think they all looked the same!).
I have never been to Sisaket Province, but oddly enough there is a wat in Vientiane called Wat Sisaket.

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