March 23, 2023

Monday Musing: Creativity

Yesterday, Mr. Geek gave me the best present--an afternoon to myself! It was glorious, dear friends, and I spent the time sewing, redecorating, and watching a PBS documentary about Eastern European immigrants in the coal region of PA while I had some coffee. Mind you, we don't have many channels since cable has been decreased, but it was compelling nonetheless, since I'm only a generation removed from Polish peasant stock.

But I digress...I spent some time in the guest room/interim studio redecorating it and working on a small project for Soren's birthday party--a bib! I knew it was something I could handle easily, and it only took me an hour, well, maybe two because I had to keep stopping the machine so I could listen to This American Life (my old Kenmore is loud!).
So that's the front of the bib, which is appliqued onto chenille using a zigzag stitch. Humor me with my stitching, because I'm really not the most patient, meticulous sewer. Despite the nagging I used to give my art students about process being more important than product, this doesn't apply to my sewing. I just want the damn thing done ASAP.
The back is simple, just a cute dot fabric I found at a local fabric store. I'd like to trim the bib with red binding, but the stuff I bought is too narrow for the thick chenille. I'm also thinking of making a party hat to match, using the dot fabric as the background. We'll see if I get to it. And I thought I'd add flowers to the photo in lieu of the basket (did you notice my old switcheroo?).

On creativity: I need to be creative in order to be happy. I remember in Health class in 8th grade, Mr. Elder (sounds like a made-up name, but it was his real one) asked us to rank our life needs, and I always remember that creativity was pretty high on my list. And it still is! My blog is a creative outlet when I can't be knitting or painting, and it's a lot less messy to clean up (another life need for me is order). How are you being creative in your life? Do you need it to survive? I view creativity as a more broad thing, not just arts/crafts, but an approach to living. Cooking can be creative. Gardening is creative. Child rearing is certainly creative (who hasn't improvised with their kids?) I find problem solving in general to be creative, and since we're always trying to fix a problem, we're creative all the time.


  1. I LOVE the bib. It came out so well!

    I definitely need to be creative, or I become restless and grumpy! :)

  2. That is adorable!!! The pictures are gonna be so cute...

  3. Loved this post! Kept thinking of responses - "ooh - I got an afternoon off once!" "ooh - I love This American Life too!" "ooh - I also would starve to death without something creative to do, even if I don't really have time for it." How could our husbands possibly understand how we could use a gift of an afternoon off to SEW A BIB??? He might not understand it, but I do. (-:

  4. Love, love, love the bib!!!! So cute and creative!

  5. I agree. Creativity is used for everything. I just can't survive without it. And it drives me crazy when people don't use creativity when it's so apparent that their life is brimming with potential.

  6. That looks great, Kathleen!
    And congrats on your free afternoon, woowoo!

  7. That is pleasantly adorable! What a nice way to spend your afternoon alone :)

  8. How creative! I love this bib, and the chenille is perfect!

  9. YOu did very well with the Bib. I love it. You might just open an Etsy store! ja

    Before I had kids, my creative outlet was sketching. But I had to be able to focus on it. I didn't have to be alone or in quiet...just not being bothered by anyone.

    Now I have the time not to be bothered and it's fallen along the way and I miss it terribly and feel that I'm losing that talent.

    Now my other creative expression is music in helps me alot.

    And in living because I don't do routines :)


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