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I just don't know where to begin, because I have so much on my mind about the conference. Everything from getting to meet so many great people (Naomi, CanCan, Katja, Sheena, Kristin, Renee, and Jeremiah and Jennifer from ZRecs) to attending some really nice parties. I really wish I had brought my good camera instead of my crappy one, since I ended up not wanting to take it out for photos. So this post will seem pretty naked without images. Oh wait, I just remembered the ones online.
photo credit Carla Duharte Razura babyjidesign.com
I'm so un-photogenic so I cringe about those photos that are out there on the web. Like ones of me chewing food or bending over. The one above is of me (right), Naomi (left), and Jenn from Frugal Upstate, a blog that I'm only now starting to read after having met her. I just love that about the conference, meeting new people and checking out their blogs.

This one was taken on a fake red carpet outside the BowlHer party, which was in a super-cool venue that was like a retro bowling alley, right in the middle of the city.Since I was a snarky teenager, I've hated posting for photos, so I really didn't play it up. I don't know why but it just feels so stupid. I need to live a little, or drink more. And let me just say that is the first time I've ever worn a feather boa. I ditched that about 5 minutes into the party. It was really itchy!
I'm all like "are you serious?" in this photo. Candice really is rocking out, and don't you just love Naomi's bowling outfit? I'm so pissed she didn't win, and frankly the winners were not worthy of wining a trip to NYC. One of them looked like a bad Cyndi Lauper and the other looked like a Donna Reed knock-off. Seriously, what did either of those costumes have to do with bowling? Naomi had an actual bowling shirt, and there were quite a few others who were dressed to the nine-pins.

BlogHer09 was nothing short of dramatic. You've probably seen the recap posts, from the swag bullies, to the lady with the baby turned away at the Nikon party and who stared the #Nikonhatesbabies twitter drama, to the rude blogger that threatened the Crocs guy, to an actual fist fight. Geez! Talk about take-me-back-to-Sweet Valley High.

While I didn't witness the actual bruises (was it really just a myth spun out of proportion?) that resulted from swag swarm or the gaggle of women who bum-rushed the Room 704/Eden Fantasys people grabbing swag bags before the party even started, it was pretty crazy. I don't know what it is about free stuff that makes people go nuts, even over something as joyless as a USB drive or a cheap reusable bag.

I'm often conflicted about getting free stuff as a result of my blog, since I try to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and it pains me to think of UPS coming to my house as often as they do. While I wasn't snatch-happy when it came to swag, I still took my share of it, but really tried to consider whether I'd really use it or not. So far, everything I brought home will be of great use to me, including the 4 Michelin tires that I won and didn't have to actually stuff into my suitcase! We desperately need new tires before winter.

I've been asked if I'll go next year, and to be honest, I'm not sure. While some of the conference content was a little heavy on the fluff (did I just negate my point?), I did enjoy the Eco-Blogging session, the Community Keynote highlighting a variety of bloggers, and Geek Lab stuff. My favorite part is meeting the people that I chat with online, and since many of my dear readers (all 5 of you!) weren't there, it was a little lonely. I did meet so many new bloggers, but I really would have liked to party with some people that I already know. So I'm still on the fence about next year, but since it's in New York, I probably won't have to spend quite as much.

I wanted to thank my sponsor, Glitterful Felt Stories, for supporting my trip to the conference. I'm so appreciative of it, and hopefully you get some business as a result of chatting to bloggers about your cute products.

One more thing, here is my favorite piece of swag, well, actually more of a gift from Mom Most Traveled. It's a handmade fabric book from Laos, that she didn't make, but bought from local artisans.
I love that the frog is laying blue eggs, hopefully not blue poops. You wouldn't see that on many American toys.
Ok, I've totally neglected our already filthy house in order to catch up on posting and on the gossip. Expect me to check into your blogs this week, or maybe next since I forgot that we're headed to the beach later this week.

Thank you for all of your great comments this week on my posts, and please forgive me if I haven't responded to each one. I really like doing that, but I just don't think I'll find the time.


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Well I hope that you did have an alright time despite everything. I'm still mixed on if I'm going next year. I want to just because it's in New York! But......... I don't do drama

Shelby Barone said...

Wow! I can't believe the drama that went on! ~New tires...that is wonderful!!

Candice is so kind to have made you such a beautiful book! I just adore it!! I can only imagine the amount of time she put into it!!

Thank you again for supporting us! You are just so kind!!

katy said...

Congrats on winning the tires! Give us all the dirt on bloggers gone wild.

NateAndJakesMom said...

Oh I wish I had been there with you - we could have stood on the red carpet and just smiled. I am always the one smiling in those "crazy pictures" because I never know what to do when they say, go crazy or act silly...

And if I have to take another picture with someone putting bunny ears over my head... I may have to hurt someone.

Glad you are home! Get some rest.

Jennifer said...

I am stunned by the apparent rudeness that occurred. I am not much into drama s I probably shall not follow the links, unless my curiosity gets the better of me. ;)
I adore the pictures and think it is fabulous you were with Naomi and Candice!!
The book is *so* absolutely adorable. I do to have a small child and I wish I had one. What a special gift to keep for your grandchildren!

Janet and Maya said...

Great post! I was at BlogHer but missed all the excitement - I think I'm glad about that :)

How did you know you won the tires?

Lisa Mom of 2 Boys said...

If you go again, bring your camera! I miss the pictures too - but your account of the event was great!

dddiva said...

Sounds like a lot of drama of the not so great variety - I'm all about adorable fun drama aka like Lucy gets into. ;)
Still, I really want to hook up with my bloggy friends so I am hoping for '10.

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Wow...all of that drama sounds somewhat nauseating. It's kind of sad that such chaos ensued around an event that could have been fun for everyone!

Native American Momma said...

I was just thinking today that if I could pay extra for a delivery to be X% bio fuel or to go to creating green energy I would do it!

Katja of Skimbaco said...

LOVED meeting you, one of the many highlights of my BlogHer! And you look awesome in the photos! And the mystery lady in the picture: Jenn of FrugalUpstate.com, she is awesome. I agree with you - Naomi really should have won the ticket to NYC. Hoping to see you in NYC for BlogHer10, because it will be in my "neighborhood".

yummymummytips said...

Lovely to meet you at BlogHer. Just found the time to read your blog. Love it - I have added you to my blogroll. Hope to see you next year. Sian..

CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) said...

I like the little "strain" marks around the egg laying frog.

I agree with you...I want to go to BlogHer '10 but I'm kind of reluctant to commit. There was some craziness going on but the good part was that I got to meet you and Naomi and a few other friendly bloggin' ladies, and I think that made it all worth it.

Maybe I can actually room with you guys next time.

Naomi said...

Just like in high school, I think I managed to glide by without participating in the drama. Thank goodness!

The best part was meeting you, Candice, Katja, Renee, Kristin, Sheena... gosh, so many wonderful women I am so happy to know "in real life" now. I am definitely planning to go next year but I think I will have a more casual attitude toward everything, knowing that the people are the important part.

angie said...

I love the pictures I've seen with you in them. What an incredible opportunity. I'm hoping to get a sponsor for next year, too.

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