Tech Tuesday: Notes from the Geek Lab

I spent quite a few of the BlogHer sessions in the Geek Lab, because frankly, I just couldn't take one more panel/forum (though the one on Paid Blogging was very interesting and very heated). It was hard to fit into the categorizations of beginner and advance, since I am literally in between with my technical prowess. Many of the advanced sessions focused on Wordpress, and as you know, I'm a Blogger girl (out of laziness, not choice).

I took the beginner HTML session and learned more about the difference between commands and tags. The CSS thing was way over my head, but the speaker only had 30 minutes to explain what it all is (basically a way to decorate your site, without applying all the decoration to every element on your page, like if you just want a box with a specific color background or font).

One nugget I can share from the HTML session is something that I already knew, but that may interest you. Whenever you see the code target= "blank" in a button code or link, that will open the link in a new page. So if you want people to click on a button and not leave your site, add that tag into the button code after the first URL address.

I also took one of the Twitter workshops, which was well-presented but a little below me in terms of content (I'm snobbish like that, right?). The speaker was really good, but I hated that they put the Geek Lab sessions in a high-ceiling room with curtains dividing the two "classrooms". It was impossible to hear anything, even from louder speakers.

I did learn that you can just use "d" in front of someone's twitter handle to direct message them, and that you can view all tweets happening on Twitter at the Public Timeline, regardless of whether or not you're following those people.

And also, the speaker emphasized the importance of privacy on Twitter, specifically not tweeting things like "I'm turning 30 today" (provides everyone with your DOB) or "meet me at Target at 1pm" (stalker alert) or "I'm headed to the beach today" (duh, empty house). It is good to remind oneself of these things.

So that's my Tech Tuesday. I'm seriously just trying to keep my head above water and return to a normal posting schedule, and to wash some dirty diapers, deal with ants, and get SoJo back to napping. Enjoy the day!


Shelby Barone said...

I got the little icons on my blog!! Whoo-hoo!!! I am so excited! Thanks for your tech advice! I'll post about you on my next posting!!

Native American Momma said...

Oh yeah I have that blank target thing saved in my clippings (it is an add-on for foxfire) that way I always can just paste it in when I need it.

You know the whole thing about not announcing things is very important especially if you network with people in your area. I always announce that I went somewhere afterward and it was fun or now I am sweaty.

MamabearMills said...

thx for sharing the important tips with me! i too often tweet about leaving for vaca etc. eeek

JamericanSpice said...

Thanks for updating...of course I'm late, but I still come right? :)

p.s I went the lazy way about putting the buttons on my site. lol

Rachael Coe said...

Thank you so much! I just found your site today and you have already helped me tremendously and I thought I knew quite a bit about blogger...you have been a blessing! I know have numbered comments, can have pages pop-up without leaving my site!

Thank you SO much for all your help!

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