Constructive Eating Kids' Tableware

Getting a toddler to eat can be a daunting task, not just because they're often picky eaters, but because they have trouble navigating their utensils and food. My son still has difficulty scooping up food on his plate, even though he'll be 2 very soon.

Constructive Eating has helped with that. They sent us a set of Constructive Eating Utensil Set ($19.95) and plate ($14.95), which not only makes meal time more fun, but makes it easy for kids to scoop up their food.
The set of construction vehicle utensils is quite charming and sturdy, but able for toddlers to hold easily.
To be honest, I was wary about this set, because from the moment I opened it (seconds before serving dinner, stupidly), my son was over-the-top excited to use these. Uh, oh, I thought, assuming he'd be more interested in playing with the trucks than eating. Surprisingly, he actually used these to eat every noodle off of his plate.
(that's his new "cheese!" face for photos)
The "pusher" truck helps to deliver (haha) food onto the spoon, which makes it easier for my son to scoop up his food. The fork is easy to hold too, and is a perfect size for his hands.

We were also sent the Constructive Eating plate to try out too, which is a bright orange "construction" color. There are divided sections on the plate which keep food separated for pickier eaters, and spots on the plate to "park" your utensils. It grips onto the table nicely too, which makes it easier to eat off of. And all of Constructive Eating's products contain NO Lead, NO Bisplenol A (BPA), NO PVC, and NO Phthalates, so parents don't have to worry about what else other than food is going into their kids' mouths.

Oh, and there's a special pink set too, for girls who'd prefer a pink truck to a yellow one.
Overall, we love this plate and utensils and how it makes an ordinary meal into something extraordinary.
Disclosure: I received a sample plate and utensil set from Constructive Eating for review purposes.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

These look so cool! Little boys will love them.

Naomi said...

I wonder if they would help Jasper use utensils more... he's such a non-eater.

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