March 17, 2023


My little seedling was helping me plant some seedlings the other night. Like most kids, he loves playing in dirt so I knew he'd like to help me start some of our vegetable and flower seedlings.
It took him quite a while to fill up his two little pots, but he was so careful about scooping the dirt into them.We planted cucumber seeds in the pots he filled, along with zinnias, 2 varieties of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and some herbs. I'm not counting on them all coming up, but for a few dollars, it's worth the chance.
I'm most interested in watching the seedlings grow along with Sojo, and getting him excited about gardening from early on. It's worth the twice-daily shuffling of the seeds inside and outside to take advantage of the best sunlight.
He also helped yesterday with planting our lettuce and spinach seeds, though he kept creeping over there to dig some more in the dirt. Hopefully I can keep him from pulling up the seedlings when they start to sprout.

So what's going in your garden this year?


  1. I love his seriousness...what a CUTIE!!!

    We're actually not gardening this year. Someone STOLE our whole crop last year, except for a few jalapeno peppers. The job was far too clean to have been was such a bummer!

  2. I planted some roma tomatoes and rosemary and spearmint and green peas. I don't know if they will be successful or not. The peas are growing but I had to make a shade b/c the sun was burning them. Out of a whole packet of seeds I have like 4 tomato sprouts.
    Not too sure if the stuff growing in the spearmint and rosemary pots are the true plant or just weeds. Heh. Too early to tell.

  3. Bob has roto-tilled the garden beds and is readying the compost but we haven't actually sowed any seeds yet. Well, Roo planted some sunflowers at her girl scout meeting.

  4. I do not think we will be gardening at all this year. I miss seedlings and peat pots all over my house (I never thought I would say that!) I see Soren was of extremely valuable help. Quite a young man you have there.

  5. Dirt + Little Kids = Fun every time! It looks like you and your little man got a lot accomplished while having a wonderful time :D
    I love all the pictures!! I can't wait to see when they are sprouting!


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