April 13, 2023

et tu brutus?

I'm brushing up on my Latin for this post. My mom, amateur hairdresser she is, attempted to give Sojo a haircut under my direction. Shorter! I cried, tiring of the bangs hanging in his eyes and sweating up his forehead.
After last week's 90 degree temperatures, I foresaw a summer of damp hair clinging to his forehead. Truthfully, it would probably drive me nuts more than it would him.
This boy has got some head of hair. Mothers of daughters are always expressing mild jealousy at his thick mop head, as well as his natural highlights, which I've been told (jealous-ly, again) one cannot get from a bottle. I've had to cut his hair no less than 7 times since he was about 9 months old--it just grows that fast. It's exhausting, I tell you, since he HATES haircuts. Buzzers, scissors, just say the words and he's whining.

Well, I should have stopped before I said "shorter" to my mom.
Every time I look at him, I think he's channeling Mia Farrow from Rosemary's Baby.
No, I didn't say "the devil baby" from that movie. :)

Or he's just rockin' a Julius Caesar cut with those bangs. At least by the time we go on vacation, it will have grown in a bit. I had wanted to buzz it down to about an inch long, but like I said, he's terrified Mr. Geek's hair buzzer. It's also a bit uneven in the front from all the scooching around he does, trying to avoid a haircut.

So did I go to short? Or am I just not used to seeing him without bangs?


  1. He could pull off any look!!!He is so cute!!!!

  2. He is so cute, I would have never thought twice about the short bangs. :)

  3. I thought "cute" until I read your Mia Farrow comment and now that's all I see. It's not too short (though my guy looks a tad like Einstein...) If it bugs your you could use one of those baby hair gels and give him a punk mowhawk!

  4. Ha! that's so funny.. you made me laugh out loud in my office.

  5. Hehe! Look at that cute little fuzzy head :D
    I think maybe your just used to him with the bangs-Give this haircut some time and you'll get used to it ;)

  6. I think he looks adorable! And I totally understand about the sweaty head... he has hair just like my youngest, who got buzz cuts every summer.
    I don't think he looks like Ceasar, I think he looks gorgeous.

  7. Get some hair gel and spike it! Will be totally rock star.

  8. Aww, he's like a tiny blonde Romulan! (It will grow back...)

  9. I love his little smile. I don't think it looks bad, I just don't like haircuts, as you might deduce from the hairstyles of my offspring.

  10. He's adorable! My son used to hate haircuts too. Have you tried sitting him in front of the TV while getting a haircut? That is what finally worked for me.

  11. What an adorable little boy you have!

    Playing a favorite video for our kids always worked out pretty well too!


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