October 25, 2023

Halloween Week Begins

We're lucky to live in a town that does so much during Halloween.  Starting out yesterday with a block party in town and then another party/trick-or-treat event at the college, we'll be enjoying Halloween all week long.
S was quite happy painting a pumpkin and jumping on the Moon Bounce before his nap.
And of course orange and yellow cupcakes always make for a good pre-nap snack.
Later in the day, Soren got on his Cat in the Hat costume and we headed up to the college.
The college students do a great job with this event, from games and cookie decorating
 Looking a little tired from all the activities
To a petting zoo! These animals were so beautiful and gentle. 
Petting goats, alpacas, rabbits and the cutest donkey was a perfect end to a fun-filled Sunday.  And I'm quite happy to get more than one evening's use out of this costume.

Tune in for more Halloween adventures this week!


  1. The college kids volunteer there? That's wonderful!

  2. His costume is adorable! We had a little pre-Halloween fun last weekend too. It was our favorite animal rescue Halloween Pet parade. My husband bought our dog a bandanna that says "Security" that he wore as we walked around the block. They have the humans candy at each corner which is as close to trick or treating as you get when your kid is a dog :)

  3. OMG...I keep forgetting the kids are both going to be the CITH. Soren's costume is more authentic....Lili's is not exact to T. Geisel's drawings, but that's what you get when Grandma sews it from scratch (without a specific pattern). Sorry we missed this event, but we were just too worn out from Chris' trip (me, too!). We'll plan to join the other festivities this week!

  4. I love his costume. We love the Cat in the Hat at our house. Both events look like they were a blast.

  5. he looks adorable!! Great costume Mama:O)

  6. Goodness, where do you live so I can come up!!?! LOL

    I'd love to celebrate Halloween all week long-It looks like SoJo has it made ;)

    He's SO adorable in his costume!

  7. That's impressive! Lots going on... I don't know that we have so much going on around here, but we've also been too busy to look. Sadly. We're still putting our costumes together. But we know what we're going to be :)

  8. That looks like so much fun, and he is soooo cute!

  9. what a fun day!!!
    we had a block party at my parents once..
    that was pretty fun

  10. Love the costume! I now know what my little J will be for next Halloween!

    Cute photos...your boys is so handsome and adorable!



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