Get Creative with Eco-Friendly Kids' Furniture from Cascades

This week, my best friend and I got together for one of our usual play dates with our three-year-olds and babies, though instead of messing about with the toys, the kiddos got busy decorating an amazing playhouse--one made out of cardboard.
This adorable little abode is made entirely of recycled and recyclable cardboard and comes from Cascade.  I love its charming details, like the awnings, skylights and mailbox.  Quite impressive for a paper product!
The kids enjoyed scribbling on the Children's Cardboard Playhouse, though being 3-years old requires much more attention to running in and out of the doors and enjoying the pretend aspects of the playhouse, rather than art making.
My friend's daughter at work, coloring one of the doors
The playhouse was easy to assemble, and came packaged flat in a cardboard box with a handle, which made it convenient to move from our front porch into the house.
Even my son was able to help with assembly, popping out the areas on the cardboard that would serve as notches later on.
I love that it's eco-friendly, easy to set up and take apart, and completely customizable.  I would have liked to have had the kids paint it, but it was a rainy day and I thought that it might be unwise to let two 3-year-olds attempt to paint it in the living room.
Markers and crayons worked just fine, and they can always be painted over later on.  I think this would look sweet even with some collaged elements, like a decoupaged affect on the door or some stripes on the awnings.

While the playhouse is a little large for some living spaces (36"x50"x48"), it is quite roomy and I like that it has two doors so that kids can go through the house and not struggle with trying to squeeze through one entrance.  Plus that makes more fun surfaces to decorate.

Cascades also makes other cardboard furniture, including a really neat set of cardboard chairs and a cardboard table.
Cascades' eco-friendly furniture line is a great way for kids to express themselves while promoting a green lifestyle. 
Disclosure: I received a Children's Cardboard Playhouse for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.


Braley Mama said...

that looks like so much fun, my littles would love it! Thanks for sharing!

Ammie said...

Love this! We made a monster box (a shoe box with eyes and teeth that eats toys) and a haunted house (from old cereal boxes) with ghost and bat plushies. :D

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