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If you're a reader of this blog more than a few weeks, you probably know that I exclusively use natural and often organic cleaning items, not just for my home but also in cleaning our bodies, particularly those of my young kiddos.

I've been using Dolphin Organics Baby Bubble Bath for 2 months now in Soren's bath and am quite pleased with the results.

Not only does it get him clean, but the bubbles actually last. Unlike many natural products (Dr. Bronners, also a go-to in our house), Dolphin Organics bubble bath actually retains the bubbles for more than a millisecond.  And that is quite important in our house!  Plus I only need to add a little bit to the bath to make the bubbles, which is great for making the stuff last.

Their tagline, "if you can't find it in nature, you won't find it in our products" aptly describes the ingredient list of (mostly) pronouncable items.  The back of each container lists the ingredients in columns determining which ingredients are organic and which are natural.
Though even after scouring the Dolphin Organics website, I still am not sure exactly what "Sodium Phytate" is, which is listed under the natural ingredients.  Maybe they can have a page with more explanation, like some other natural and organic brands do.

I do think its gentle ingredients may have helped keep Soren's skin from drying out.  I haven't had to use lotions or creams on them so far this year.  I'm eager to try out the rest of their line, including their Baby Shampoo and Body Wash.
While their products are more expensive than conventional ones, Dolphin Organics to me is worth spending a little more on, especially considering that they're being used on little ones' bodies.   And I love that the company was started by parents who were looking for an organic, natural way to keep their children clean.

You can keep up with Dolphin Organics on Twitter and Facebook. I'm hoping to find their products in brick-and-mortar retailers sometime soon.
Disclosure: I received a sample of Dolphin Organics' Baby Bubble Bath for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


ahart said...

Hi Kathleen :)

We're so pleased to hear how much you and Soren are enjoying your Dolphin Organics bubble bath! We've worked hard to create the safest, effective skin and hair care products so are proud that you applaud our efforts.

I absolutely love label readers like yourself! It is why we designed our ingredients list the way we did. The ingredient that you are trying to decipher, Sodium Phytate is a natural chelating agent and part of our natural preservative compound. You will find it not only in our bubble bath but in our shampoo/body wash and lotion as well. It helps ensure the stability of the product while providing the benefits of chelation. And because all of our products are based in certified organic aloe juice, you don't experience the drying of skin and hair that you might have with other products. Thus, your silky smooth Soren :)

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on our Shampo/Body Wash and hope to see Baby Jude enjoying his first Dolphin Splash soon!

In case you didn't see the post, we just announced today the launch of our new Simply Citrus™ line - the same great certified all-natural products now enhanced with a yummy citrus blend. Now there's something for your readers who enjoy fragrance free as well as naturally scented bath products!

Feel free to contact me if I can help clarify anything else, and I will definitely post your answer on our FAQ

Many thanks,
Ayo Hart
Dolphin Organics™

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