January 15, 2024

Creative Yearnings

In the midst of a freezing cold Sunday afternoon, I'm trying to create.
That is, if I can close this damned laptop and keep Oscar the cat from pestering me and trying to sit on my work.  And since I just pricked myself with a needle, I thought I'd take a little break and post.
I'm juggling no less than 4 projects at the moment, all involving wool of some kind--knitting, felting, embroidery, all the fun stuff, at least in my book.  And no better time of year to use wool!
Hope you're finding some creative space on this Sunday afternoon.  Back to stitching pour moi...


  1. Lovely! It's definitely a good day to get creative around here too, at least. The weather has finally decided to participate in winter and grace us with a snowfall. So I've spent the day canning {and throwing snowballs at Charlie every now and then lol}.

  2. I replaced the batteries in our new kitchen clock and hung it. Not sure how creative that is but I do feel like I accomplished something, which is enough sometimes!

  3. I understand! I just have to make something or I'll burst!

    Your flowers are pretty! :)


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