Jude at 6 Months

Six months! No matter how many millions of parents remark on where the time has gone, they grow up so fast, etc. etc., it is still unfathomable to me how quickly Jude's babyhood is flying by.  'Tis the curse of the second child. Even the memories of their infancy are like hand-me-downs (I often confuse some of the details of both boys' earliest months--which one slept through the night first?).
At six months, Jude is both serious
and utterly happy, adorable and smiley.
He likes:
  • when I sing to him (Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da is his favorite)
  • eating pears, apples, bananas 
  • watching his brother run around acting nutso
  • nursing, nursing, nursing
  • television.  Seriously, this kid is a magnet for the tv.  We only have it on for an hour or two a day, yet all day long he's scanning over to it, looking for programs.  Soren was not at all like that, oddly enough.
  • Sophie the giraffe (best chew-toy ever. Thanks Shana)
  • car rides.  Sleeps every time.  
  • Oh, since I mentioned sleep, he LOVES sleeping in general. This boy is like a newborn, taking sometimes 4 naps a day then sleeping 12 hours at night.  What is going on in his brain?  Though I don't particularly like those 3am wake-ups, wanting to nurse.
  • laughing and being tickled around the collarbone, especially when I use my nose.
  • hooting and hollering in echo-y spaces.
  • baths.  He's been splashing and hitting the water with such concentration.
  • toys.  Unlike S, Jude really loves toys and reaches for all kinds of objects (including hot coffee--yikes!).  He really likes those plastic chain rings and rattles.
  • getting out of a bath (too cold!)
  • not nursing right when he wakes up.  All he needs to do is see me without my shirt open and he starts fussing and crying and even shaking.  Typical man, right?
  • sweet potatoes
Notice how the dislikes are so short? I am so spoiled with this baby.  He definitely makes up for the difficulties we went through with his brother.  Which I never fail to remind you in every corner of this blog (poor S).
My little guy, half a year old!  Hard to believe...


Jessica Heights said...

Awwwwww! He looks both just like Soren, and nothing like him. If you know what I mean...

Ammie said...

Darling. HALF a YEAR!? Crazy. I might find this utterly crazy because it's happening to me in a month, but I cannot believe how quickly Jude has gone from newborn to 6 month old chunky monkey.
Sweet list. I especially like his TV lust. That is so silly and cute. Hooray that he enjoys toys and is an easy baby. Life is so much easier when babies practically take care of themselves. ;)

Naomi said...

gorgeous. and it's nice to have two totally different personalities, right?

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Jude is so precious, we have Sofie the giraffe too. I love the different expressions.

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