Merino Wool for Winter Babes

Baby, it's cold outside, at least the last few days here in the Northeastern US.  I dread taking Jude out, unless he's bundled and layered and is swiftly ushered into a warm car.

When we do go out, particularly when walking big brother to school in the mornings, I make sure Jude not only has on his snowsuit, but my favorite hat and scarf combo, the Merino Kids Baby Hat and Scarf set, made of super-soft, warm Merino wool.
It's really fabulous stuff, this Merino wool, kind of like the Mercedes of wool.  As a fiber artist, I've worked with all varieties of wool, and this is definitely the softest.  You might not even guess that it's wool, that's how silky and soft it is.  Which is perfect for being up against a baby's skin.
The navy blue hat is stretchy but not too loose or too snug for my 6 month old.  It has a flap to either fold up or down, which is convenient for covering Jude's ears.  And I like that the scarf is small enough for babies and has a little loop sewn on the front to slip the end of the scarf into, rather than having to tie or wrap it around a baby's neck.
Merino wool is great for people of all ages, since it naturally regulates body temperature and helps absorb any moisture.  We also have a Merino Kids sleep sack which is great for our cool old house, keeping Jude warm when he needs it but not allowing him to overheat.

Merino Kids carries all kind of woolens for babes and kids, and while the price of Merino wool products is higher than cheap acrylic hats you can get at big box stores, the quality of these items will not only last for many siblings (and probably even generations), but it will keep your child more comfortable, in my opinion.

You can follow Merino Kids via Facebook and Twitter for specials and product updates.
Disclosure: I received a hat and scarf from Merino Kids for review purposes.  All opinions are my own.


Katie's Nesting Spot said...

You don't think of wool being good for babies...like it would be scratchy. Nice to know there are options.

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