The Aftermath of Fun

I'm recovering today from taking both kiddos to the aquarium in a nearby city yesterday. While it was a fun trip, if you have young children you know how exhausting it can be, both preparing for the outing, managing the blood and guts of it (bloody noses and all, yes, really), and then crashing upon arriving home.  At least for the kids.
Yep, I give my kid lollipops
For me, it was a long night.  With both boys battling a sinus cold, I knew I'd be out of bed a few times last night, and so I was.  Such is the aftermath of a day of fun.

I'm dragging today, despite having washed clothes, dishes, faces, hands and even floors.  I had to, since this place has been pretty gross and grossly neglected as of late.

My typing here is a "f-it" moment, when I made a cup of late day coffee that I'll regret tonight while my thoughts whir and land on worries in bed, and then decided to sit here dumping out thoughts while Kid A naps and Kid B bangs around on the floor with toys.
I will post about our trip, probably tomorrow or when I get a chance.  There's something so impressive and gorgeous about watching sea creatures glide through water.
I love this photo, kind of like some amoeba-like substance under radiation.  It's simply jelly fish in a tank filtered by Instagram.


Tara said...

So glad to know I'm not the only one who shrugs their shoulders and decides the floors or laundry or dishes can wait a little longer.

It looks like you have a little music man on your hands there!

Naomi Shapiro said...

I was obsessed with the jellyfish at our recent aquarium visit, too. So beautiful!

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Hey, at least it seems like you guys had a fun time! I can't wait to see and hear all about it when you have the time (and energy) to post about it :)

Hope both your little men feel better!

Jessica Heights said...

Sometimes you just need a break...after all, a day of fun is usually a day of twice the work for mom! ;)

Sonya said...

the jellyfish photo looks really cool! I just downloaded instagram yesterday and it is so cool! I am glad it is on android now!

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