June 28, 2023

Summer Survival: Part II

It seems that we're surviving summer around here a little too well: I haven't had time to or felt much like posting.

Days have been spent outside, mostly leisurely, and I've been living up to all the goals I set out to meet this summer (see my last post from nearly a month ago, which is right below this post--ugh).  We've taken a trip to the beach and are planning another soon, as well as having visited some other fun places.
It's been an excellent summer so far, filled with simple pleasures like popsicles, mineral-panning, playgrounds and pools (and yeah, maybe a little extra tv due to some hot days).
It's hard finding the motivation to blog in such distracting (though enjoyable) conditions, especially being so wiped out by day's end.  When I do sit down to devote some time to it, including resizing and watermarking photos for a post, I'm always interrupted.  I've come to the conclusion that the one word I'd use to describe parenting is "interruption."  In fact, just now my train of thought has been derailed as Soren is imploring me to help him find a lost toy.

I have so much that I want to do on MY list, however the kids of course come first.  Hence, there's not much time left to write, craft, paint Soren's bedroom, etc.  But as the years go by, I'm getting more and more accepting of this.  My one worry is that when the kids don't need me anymore, It's going to be a hard transition to having more free time.  Time will tell.

Hope you're enjoying summer!

June 4, 2023

Summer Survival

With one week of official summer vacay from school under my belt, I'm panicking a little about how the kids and I are going to survive the loooooong summer days.  Well, specifically me.  Either I'm going to lose my mind or end up yelling my head off at a certain someone each day.  Who is now a preschool graduate, by the way.
I'd rather not yell or stress-eat myself into an even bigger paunch, so I've been mentally compiling a list of things I want to do with the kids this summer.  It's been a blessing and a curse that Jude needs to nap every day, blessing because obviously it's a bit a break for me, but a curse because we're stuck planning events around naptime, or else skipping the nap all together, which can be disastrous.  And why, pray tell, little man won't you transition from the car seat to the crib when asleep anymore?

I want to engage in activities that are simple, no big day trips to the big city for big meltdowns or the like, but bare-bones summer activities that I remember enjoying as a kid.  Plus, I'm just too lazy to investigate and enroll and taxi the kids to organized activities.  Here's my vague list:
  • Visit creeks and natural bodies of water as much as possible.  Fortunately we have a wade-able creek within walking distance that the boys enjoy playing in, even just with sticks and stones.
  • Go hiking.  Pennsylvania is full of wooded trails filled with wildlife and plants to identify.  I'm also an advocate of walking around one's neighborhood, encouraging the kids to notice things they might not otherwise, like changes in flora and fauna, or if a new neighbor has moved in.  Or rainbows.
  • Play in the dirt, anywhere, not just in the backyard.
  •  Make messy crafts, especially outside.  String up a drop cloth on the clothesline for painting, get out the dyes to tie-dye, or make papier mache sculptures.
  • Do one special trip every other week, like the aquarium, a museum or other venue.  And do it with friends!
What tips do you have for surviving the summer with kids?
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