October 7, 2023

Tackle it Tuesday: The Nursery

It's sad watching the nursery that I worked so hard on decorating become different, little by little. It's bittersweet, knowing my little darlin' is growing up and changing. Since he's now crawling and pulling himself up on everything and everyone, I needed to do a little rearranging. Specifically, I had to remove the wonderfully-useful shelving unit that served as storage in our closet-less nursery.
SoJo's been pulling himself up on the metal corner pieces and I obviously don't want blood from a cracked skull as part of the room's design theme. We'll leave the blood and crossbones for the teenage years.

I took the baskets that were underneath the unit and put them on the floor next to the chair.
I don't mind SoJO playing with the books and it's much easier to pull one out when reading him a bedtime story.
Then I packed up the other two baskets that just had miscellaneous baby stuff like crib hardware and manuals for baby items and moved it to the attic or in the storage area above the rocking chair. The person who last renovated our house did some weird things like building a long storage area along the ceiling rather than putting in a closet.
We dread what that storage compartment is hiding, other than the baby stuff! Probably crumbling plaster.
Once the shelves were moved out of the room, I moved the dresser to where they were,
and also sorted the clothes to get rid of some outgrown stuff. This is a weekly "tackle it," it seems. I put away the changing pad that was on the dresser because I rarely change SoJo on it anymore. He rolls around too much, and I end up just doing it on the floor anyway.

This is the old set-up of the dresser and the chair.
After I got the dresser out of that area, I moved a little black table that was next to the crib to the chair.
Much more convenient having the lamp nearby and a place to put odds and ends while nursing (nursing pads come to mind, rather than having them get wedged in the chair cushions).

All that's left to do is vacuum! And do something about those curtains that hang too low and are so tempting for little hands.

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  1. Oh yes..."rearranging" for little explorers can be kind of sad. don't you wish they would stay little forever?

  2. Love the room! Those colors are so neat... Awesome tackle, too.

  3. You decorated this room so precious. I love it.....but the new will be better and the Lord will give you grace to go on from here.

    Thanks for sharing!

    You blog looks great!
    Would love for you to come and visit me at my blog.


  4. You got a lot done - he has a great room. Almost finished with the questions. Thanks so much.

  5. What a cutie your son is!

  6. It looks well put together.

  7. When Jojo was little I bought about 10 board books from a friend that were already chewed up. I couldn't stand to watch Jojo chew the beautiful NEW books I had bought him, so I bought the chew books to be destroyed.
    He was part goat. Deeds isn't as bad as goat-boy was. Jojo is over it now.

  8. I never would have thought of those colors , you've tied them all in so nicely together.
    What a creative person you are! (and what a busy little boy you've got there)

  9. It looks just as cute of a nursery as before! Much crawler friendly though.

  10. yeah, the room looks great, but look at that smile!

  11. Love the alphabet on the wall. What are those? Where did you get them? My son has an alphabet/reading themed room. I would love to incorporate something like that...

  12. wow! that is beautiful,you did an awesome job, i love the colors, furniture and organzization! Can you come and redesign my twins' room?!
    i wanted that same dark black/expresso color for my cribs but my ILs gifted is with really nice cribs with cherry finish, so i didnt get what i wanted. :s oh well


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