November 10, 2023

BlogHer 09 in Chicago

Kind of sucks for us East Coasters, especially after I was all psyched that it might actually be in Philly, which is pretty close to me. But after narrowing it down to 3 finalists--Portland, Philadelphia, and St. Louis--they picked Chicago, which is where the 2007 conference was {insert sad face here}. You can read about why they chose Chicago here. Honestly though, an East Coast conference is WAY overdue.

Fortunately my longtime friend Amy Purple lives there so maybe it'll just be a good reason to get my butt out there for a visit. Hope that bathroom is finished by then Amy!


  1. There's a small surprise for you on the front page of my blog. I hope you'll like it :)

  2. at least it will be cheap to fly into...

  3. Aww, man! I was getting into the Philly idea as well.
    Hmm, how to get to Chicago....

  4. You know you're always welcome here. No promises on the bathroom, we've been so lazy. At least it's functioning though. :)


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