March 9, 2024

Monday Musings: First Birthday Party

Now that SoJo's 1st birthday is a few weeks away, I'm in the midst of planning a little family party. The invitations finally came (thanks tiny*prints!) and have been mailed. I've been picking up some items like paper plates and cups (despite my green leanings, we don't have a sink big enough to wash all those dishes).

I've started planning a menu, and my MIL is making her awesome cupcakes, complete with the giant cupcake, which everyone goes nuts over. I've chosen a vintage circus theme, even though I have issues with circuses and their treatment of animals. Leave it to me to have an inner debate over whether I should use the circus as a theme.

Anyway, I'm borrowing my mom's chocolate fountain (between her and my MIL, they have every possible kitchen gadget ever made), and we'll have some fruit and animal crackers for dipping. Fortunately, the couple of kids who will be there are all under 2 so I'll just have to watch the adults to make sure they don't run their fingers through the fountain. The kids are too short to reach the counter.

I'm in the process of making a banner, which I'm going to post a tutorial on (love my new camera!) later this week. Other than that, it'll be a pretty simple affair, probably with a nap in the middle of it for SoJo.

I'd love to hear what you did/are doing for your child's first birthday. Was it an all-out affair? Just you and your child? I'm not opposed to big parties, but I'm more of a quiet, intimate kind of girl, and I have fond memories of my and my brothers' birthday parties at our house, just with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. And since my mom comes from a family of 15 (yes, you read that right), there was never a shortage of people, most of whom were all related to us. Luckily we had a huge yard and all of us were born between April and October so we could usually count on going outside for the festivities.

Our house is small, otherwise I'd invite more of our extended family. I don't mind the crowd, but I don't want some of the older folks to feel uncomfortable. Our couch is hard enough to get up off of as is (kicking ourselves for going with the ultra-cushy one).

Also, if you have any ideas for simple, fun food or decorations, let me know. I'm making mac and cheese, but still have to think of some more food ideas. They don't need to be fancy, but if you know me, I'm all about fancy when it comes to entertaining. Happy Monday!


  1. That sounds like such a fun theme!!! It would be cute to have popcorn (in those cute little vintage cardboard boxes) for the kids...but really, that's the only suggestion I have. I can't wait to see your decorations!

  2. The invitation looks super cute! Wow, a year already?

    Last year we had Jasper's birthday as a brunch thing at home with family and a few friends, mostly his sister's... It was fun. We'll probably do the same this year since he's not in school so he doesn't have a lot of playmates yet and his birthday is in the middle of summer, anyway.

  3. The party sounds delightful! We always had very small, intimate parties.

  4. eco-friendly plates and stuff:

  5. That is a great theme. Sounds like you have quite a few wonderful things planned! We had a small party at our house for our daughter's 1st birthday. Nothing fancy, just a little space for the little ones to roam around and play with toys :)

  6. Maybe you can get some free PETA stickers to hand out at the party, like my personal favorite, "I'm an EleFRIEND, I DON'T go to the circus!"
    That will really add to the festive atmosphere.
    I'm a small party kind of girl myself but for Jojo's big 0-1 we had over 100 guests. We were both teaching and our students were so eager to take part I didn't have the heart to not invite them.

    Deeds, on the other hand, had only like 8 guests for his first birthday.

    Mama got tired.

  7. Doesn't the time go by so fast?

    In HI 1st bdays are a big deal, usually about 200+. For DS2 we booked the hall as soon as we got home from the hospital (it's like planning a wedding). I don't know what are theme is going to be yet, but for DS1 it was safari animals. We had a magician, balloon artists, games, face painting...

    A circus theme is so cute! I've never been to a circus theme party.

    Can I come? J/K.

    Happy planning!

  8. Food? Pigs in a blanket aren't elegent, but they are a hit.

  9. I love the giant cupcake! That is so cool, I told Mat about it and he isn't quite sold. Apparently I married a bit of a {cup}cake snob...

    Growing up it was usually just my sisters and parents for our birthdays - we'd get to pick whatever we wanted for dinner and have cake, ice cream, presents. Sometimes my grandparents would join us.

    I'm thinking it will be similar for Charlie, but with some of her aunts/uncles and cousins as well.

  10. Wow...I want to come to your party!

    My kids first birthday was just cake I made and only family.

    I have my daughter's second b-day coming up and it might just be the same..cake and family only...we'll see

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