July 2, 2023

New Life for Cloth Diapers

I have a stack of prefold diapers that I used when SoJo was a wee babe, and they're of really good quality so I hate to just toss them into the messy jobs bucket.
I will probably keep them around, in the hopes of having another wee one to diaper. Mom Most Traveled told me about a site called Diaper Swappers, where she was able to sell some of her cloth diapers. There's also The Used Diaper Company and FreePeats.

It got me thinking about what you could use prefolds for, other than mopping up spills. Here's what I came up with or found online:
  • Reusable Swiffer cover. I don't have a Swiffer, so I'm not sure if this would work, but maybe you could take a prefold and pinch the sides in the clips.
  • I dust our hardwood floors with them by spritzing them with water and sliding around the room with two on my feet. It's a good workout too.
  • Cut them up and use them as cloth baby wipes
  • Keep a few in your car for dusting the dashboard and cleaning up spills
  • Keep one in the bottom of your stroller, or on the seat of the stroller to catch drips and spills (especially when we take SoJo for ice cream up the street)
  • Sew one into a hot pad for your kitchen
  • Make your own menstrual pads by cutting and sewing them.
  • Add one to a first aid kit (I could have used this yesterday)
  • Roll them up to make draft stoppers for doors
Do you have any other ideas? Add them in your comments!
  • Use them for padding in a Halloween costume...for some reason I can imagine in a football player costume or a samurai.


  1. Yep, you could have sopped up that bloody mess with a diaper. Great ideas and I have none :)

    I love your idea about spritzing the floor with water and scooching and twistin'. That's a great exercise, it's so nice when one can multi task.

  2. We have so many prefolds too and I just have them stowed away for now. I've heard of Diaper Swappers from the Cloth Diapering group I was a part of on Cafe Mom. It's a great idea, especially for those expensive diapers that cost $18/pair normally.

    I'm wondering if they would work well for a swiffer duster! Haven't thought of that. I do know they make good burp cloths ;) Maybe putting one under them in the carseat in case of car ride diaper leaks.

  3. I did not use cloth diapers with m children so I am not sure this will work but maybe….I use the Burp cloths that my kids had has little nose wipers, to this day.

  4. I use them in a swifter duster, or the mop actually. I get it wet and soapy with a vinegar mix. BEST floor mopping ever!

    also great for cleaning windows, not a lot of fuzz. completely reusable, over and over.

    Of course mine are some I bought at store in the baby aisle, nothing fancy at all, never were on a child.

  5. Love old diapers. Great for lots of things. But menstrual pads... not so much.

  6. Wowsers! It looks like you have it covered! Butt.. you do never know if another one will come along:) I have a 9 and a6 year old and am hoping for another one!

  7. Great tips! If I ever stop having kids, I'll keep these in mind!!

  8. I've seen people add a fun fabric stripe down the middle panel and call it a burp cloth. I've been thinking I might make a quilt out of mine - batting not required. They are so super soft after all those washings and dryings in the sun.

    The Handmade Experiment

  9. I bow to all of you who #1 use cloth diapers and #2 (no pun intended) find ways to reuse them...

    We have only used them as burp cloths and they are my favorite ones.

  10. Absolutely save them for baby #2! And besides, they are great between when-your-water-breaks and hubby-is-done-with-his-beer so you can start-counting-contractions. No bitterness there LOL.


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