October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween!

It's been practically a blog-free week for me, since I've been battling a cold and have just felt lousy. I'm better today, but am trying to get caught up on stuff that I didn't accomplish this week.
I did finish my Halloween banner, just in time for the trick-or-treaters that came on Thursday night. It was easy to make, using felt, fusible webbing (too tired to sew), quilt binding and pinking shears.
Our town is weird. For some reason related to college students and supposedly out-of-control partying, they always schedule trick-or-treating for an odd night, like Thursday the 29th. I personally haven't seen any wild revelry, but apparently our town used to have a Halloween parade that got the kibosh when the students got out of hand.

Anyway, we had a good turnout for trick-or-treating, and I ran out of candy a little early. Is it just me or are kids greedier than usual? I had to tell quite a few to just take one or two, rather than handfuls.

We also made it to the library party this week, and had a fun time.
I just love the Keith Haring (he's from our town) inspired chairs our library has.

The children's librarian read a cute Halloween version of Goodnight Moon called Goodnight Goon, which was cute. We read Goodnight Moon before bed (I find it to be a depressing book, oddly) so SoJo liked the changed version.
Of course, he was more interested in the balls from the pumpkin bowling game.

Hope you and your little ghouls and monsters have a fun Halloween!


  1. That is weird that they trick or treat on a different day?! Our little town doesnt trick or treat at houses, we go down the main street of town where all the businesses sit out on the road passing out gobs of candy!

  2. Your banner is great! Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Being sick like that is no good! I'm glad you're back...and I love your little banner!

  4. Your banner looks adorable!!!

    I hope you feel better soon...I was starting to wonder if I should send out a search party! :P

  5. Your banner is gorgeous! What a great way to share the Halloween spirit!

  6. Your banner is brilliant and your home looks so festive. I did not put up one decoration this year (hanging my head in shame). Soren looks so adorable in his costume. He appears to be having a fabulous time. I hope you are feeling better Kathleen!

  7. Your banner is awesome. I'm sorry you were sick, too. We're still recovering...

  8. I love the banner and SoJo looks totally adorable. My mom got the kids that Goodnight Goon book and they like it, too.

  9. That banner is very cute!! We actually just got done with trick or treating and even though we gave out one candy per person, we still ran pretty darn low(and that's with like 8 bags of candy!)
    Hopefully you had a safe and happy Halloween!!

  10. Love the banner!

    I hope you had a great day!

  11. I am glad you are feeling better. Your banner is adorable! Those Keith Haring chairs are way too adorable! I love him too! Actually, one time, I almost got some of his work tattooed on me. I didn't and never ended up getting a tattoo. Thanks for sharing your Halloween adventures!

  12. What a cute banner! And I recognize that green! I've had that all around our house, too with tablecloths and mantle runners.


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