February 12, 2024

The Prayer Shawl Ministry and Disney's Give a Day Get a Disney Day Promotion

I've been happily knitting away all week on my latest project, a Prayer Shawl to be donated to our local hospital. If you've never heard of the Prayer Shawl Ministry, it's essentially a grass-roots organization that accepts hand-knit or crocheted shawls to give to those in need of comfort or solace.
My creation of this shawl is like a long prayer, where I mindfully knit and embed positive thoughts within my knitting. It's been a wonderful practice for me, and I hope that whomever receives this shawl gets some of those good vibes in their life and finds peace when this shawl "hugs" her/him.
While I've wanted to knit and donate a shawl for some time now, I came across a promotion from Disney called Give a Day, Get a Disney Day while searching the Disney World site (we have an upcoming trip in May). If you volunteer a day of service in your community, you get a free pass to Disney World or Disneyland for a day. What a great program!
All the details are on their website, including participating local organizations. It's really easy to sign up, I just did it all via email, and many of the volunteer opportunities are just a few hours. My shawl will take a few days, but I really don't mind donating more than a day's time.
I intend on adding some fringe to the ends, assuming I don't run out of yarn. I'm using a black/gray acrylic and mohair blend and randomly adding a few rows of a pastel cotton yarn every few inches. I thought an entire black/gray shawl might be a bit too depressing. I'll update again when I finish it!


  1. What a great way to give back! It's so rewarding to give your time to a worthy cause. Whenever I participate in service work I feel I gain more than I give. Have a blessed weekend and enjoy finishing your shawl!

  2. I know someone will get comfort from this lovely shawl that you are putting such love into.

    And I love that Disney volunteer your time idea. It's wonderful. I'll have to take a look!

    You are so talented love.

  3. You have such a precious heart!! I'm so proud of you for sharing your talents with someone who needs comfort so badly. :)

  4. what the universe is aligned!

    my mom just got the info in on the program to get our churches involved!

    great program!!

  5. I love the color combination you used!

  6. Your shawl came out so well. I was given a prayer shawl when my son was born by my sister in-law. I was told that her mom is part of a group that knit them. They pray for the family that will get it while they knitted it. It is something I will treasure forever.


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