April 5, 2023

easter weekend 2010

While it may seem contradictory for a Buddhist to observe Easter Sunday, our families are Christian, so we celebrated with them. After all, spending time with family on special days is quite important in our lives, no matter what our beliefs.

Mr. Geek and I participated in a few of the more secular activities, like an egg hunt at the park on Saturday. The littlest kids were let loose on the sequestered tennis courts rather than the grassy knolls.
SoJo got to meet the Easter bunny, albeit an evil looking one like in this photo. My brothers got a kick out of this shot.
SoJo was surprisingly eager to hug the bunny without any coercing. He is a strange child indeed.
Once the whistle blew for the hunt, S was really skilled at grabbing eggs and putting them into the basket. He loved it!
The eggs were filled with Hershey's kisses, and SoJo spent no time stuffing the entire candy, foil and all, into his mouth. He's a chocoholic-in-training.
He also won a Big Bird stuffed animal in the egg hunt, which pleased him very much. To top it all off, he got to touch a firetruck! The Easter bunny drove into the park on it, which I'm sure was exciting for the kids.
We spent the rest of the day at my parents' house, where S had another little birthday celebration with his grandparents and uncles and aunts.
(with his Uncle Pete, my youngest brother)
The day was absolutely perfect with flowers in bloom and sun shining.
His favorite gift was an automatic bubble blower, which we have subsequently had to hide due to his obsession with it (and the annoying rrrrreeeeeeeeeeeehhhh noise it makes).
He also liked squirting the front door window with a water blaster
and riding a trike (this kid is so spoiled by his aunts and uncles!)
We spent Easter Sunday at my in-laws where S got to visit with his cousin. They played a bean bag toss game
and my in-laws hid Easter eggs in the yard. The kids had a great time trying to find them.
All in all, a great weekend. The best part was that I didn't have to cook! Hope you had a nice one too.


  1. What a fun weekend! The pictures are so great!

  2. I love all the pictures, Kathleen! He looks like he did a great job finding those eggs! The family shot of the 3 of you is perfect :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great photos. I was totally thinking,"what is up with the evil bunny?" lol!
    We also got some pics with an evil bunny. You think they would make them a little friendlier:O)
    How nice to have such great family time!!!!

  4. It looks like such a great weekend!! :)

  5. LOVE the water on glass door photo! What a great shot!

    Looks like ya'll had lots and lots of fun!

  6. We had a great weekend too - couldn't have asked for better weather, that's for sure. Love the kisses going in his mouth, foil & all! Man after my own heart!

  7. I love the bubble shot! What fun!

  8. Lovely day! (Jojo says that all of the time).
    I like the water gun shot too :)

  9. Man, that little boy IS pretty darn spoiled-But that is completely okay because he's just too darn adorable NOT to be spoiled :)

    It looks like you guys had such a fun time this Easter!


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