April 2, 2023

knitting fail

When it comes to a meh book, I will pitch it and try another one. I'm not a person who will waste my time reading something that I'm not into, just to finish it. However when it comes to knitting, I usually persevere, even if it means I don't complete a project for years (there are still projects stashed upstairs waiting to be finished).

Last month I started a cute little knitted Easter bunny for SoJo--and I have since failed.
It was going to be great, from a free Berroco pattern with a bunny-shaped head (unlike some patterns which with plain round heads and sewed on eyes) and yarn that I was using up from my stash.
I wasn't going with the bright colors suggested in the pattern, and was going to omit the pocket and collar.

The body came out so-so, and I got ahead of myself and stuffed it, wanting to see how large the rabbit was going to be.
But when it came to the head, this experienced knitter was tied in knots. I must have tried reknitting it 5 times and kept getting confused by all of the place markers it kept calling for. So I threw in the towel. I'm not one to usually blame the pattern, but I really think there's a mistake in it. Oh well. I'm not sure if S will get a knitted rabbit this year, but there's always felting and sewing.

At least I'm happy with his little Bolga Easter basket--the perfect size for not having to fill with tons of stuff over the years.
What is your craft fail? I'd love to hear some funny stories. For kicks, go check out Heather of Dollar Store Crafts' (yep, on my ol' blogroll) other blog, Craft Fail.


  1. Oil painting. I love the idea of it, but have never had a lesson. Yet each time I think it will be suddenly easier:O)
    I bet the pattern was wrong. Because you are so crafty and talented. Thanks for sharing those baskets. They would be great all year long!!!

  2. Oh gosh, most of my craft stories are fails. Heck, a lot of my cooking stories are fails, hence Snafood. :D

  3. I wish I knew how to knit. I used to, but have forgotten.

    I'm sad to say I'm also one of the people who will force her way through a book I hate simply because I started it.

  4. I once read an article in one of my crocheting magazine about UFO's - Un Finished Objects. It made me feel better about the 20 or so projects I have yet to finish.
    Then there is the cross stitch birth announcement that I started for my cousin when she was born (in 1991) - I finally pitched that on my move in 2007 to my new house.
    However there is the cross stitch birth announcement for my first son... born in 1992. It still has the hoop on it and if I were to ever finish it, no amount of water or ironing would ever be able to get it to lie flat. However, I still have it. Maybe I can finish it in time for his child?

  5. At the end of my pregnancy I was pretty much homebound because of partial bedrest so I did a ton of sewing. I got on a roll with making stuffed dolls. They all turned out well until the last one that I started about a week before Little Bit was born. It is a horrible looking thing that is sitting on my craft table with no head. I don't have the heart to throw it away even though it is hideous. I keep thinking I can "fix" it.

    If you wanna check out my crafty nesting creations check the December and January posts on my blog. There are pic up of my sewing madness.


  6. I have to say there are quite a few. Currently I'm working on a crazy quilt that is ten feet by eight feet of my kids' old but sentimentally valuable clothes and I'm really hoping that it is not a fail. It's been so labor intensive, I'd cry big time!

    You should check out the Craftastrophe blog for some funny stuff!

  7. In eighth grade Home-Ec, we were assigned a simple, machine sewn A-line skirt. I had SO many problems, cumulating with an enormous fouled knot of thread that fried the sewing machine.

    My long suffering teacher wound up taking that skirt and sewing it herself! Luckily, I got an A in cooking to make up for the D in sewing :)

  8. Well at least you tried! :-) I think you should try another pattern. Sometimes it's a pattern fail.

    My craft fail has been painting. I can paint with watercolor, but I decided to make my daughter a name sign for her bedroom and in the end threw all the supplies I had purchased in a box, frustrated. I need to just go to Etsy and have one made. LOL Some things are not worth the pain!

  9. Ok, so if YOU can't knit this rabbit, remind me never to try!! LOL!!!

    I'm actually going to post about my big old knitting FAIL soon...I'm almost done with my first "project," if you can call it that!!

  10. I chronicle my craft fails at http://craftfail.com - and any crafters who want to are welcome to share there too!


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