August 26, 2023

Around My House

This is a hodge-podge sort of post, filled with random stuff that's going on in our busy house. First off, the garden and the usual end-of-summer bounty laid at our feet, or in this case, on our kitchen sideboard.
The tomatoes are literally falling off the vine, they're so heavy and good. I made a nice pomodoro sauce for dinner last night with them and basil and a dash of balsamic vinegar (though I totally forgot we're out of Parmesan cheese). So yummy and so summery; it's really a dish that allows you to savor the waning summer garden grub.

Onto another random thought: my house is a wreck, and to add something else to the mix, I decided it was finally time to paint the living room.
It's been this hideous but oddly coordinating yellow that I'm just so sick of looking at. I got depressed thinking about sitting here all winter, staring at pissy walls.
This is just a test, but I really like this color, a pale, teal, bluish-greenish something or other that doesn't translate to photos very well. I need to head to the hardware store to get a few gallons, now that I'm set on the color. Then on to the tediousness of taping off the trim work.
I'm not a huge fan of the wall-painting process, but I just love the results. If I could stand it, I'd probably paint the rooms in my house bi-yearly--I adore changing colors, but not all the prep work. Plus the moldings will definitely need to be painted too, since I haven't touched them since we moved in 4 years ago. Sigh.

But with new walls comes new artwork, and therefore I'm working on a piece for the living room. I collaged pages of an old book (yes, THAT book and THIS book) onto canvas
and will be adding some cut paper poppies onto it. This artwork is inspired by this post that I came across at Jones Design Company. I just can't get enough of crafts made with recycled books. Oh, and you might not have noticed, but I am trying to incorporate some of the bazillion paint chip rejects into the art work. I cut them into little shapes, however they're not sticking so well with the Mod Podge, as you can see. But they won't get away with that....get out the Gorilla Glue!

Any projects you're working on before the colder weather kicks in?


  1. You are the coolest, craftiest, best!

    LOL to the pissy walls comment! Can't wait to see the results though.

  2. Ooh I like the test color. Very pretty - I may have to try this idea with the canvas... how cute would it be to use up her {already torn} children's books?! Hmmm...

  3. Your beans are gorgeous- we didn't plant any this year and I miss having them. I definitely think you are more of a seafoam gal than mustard!

  4. I like the new color you's very soothing! Will we get to see "after" photos?

  5. Hey I really like that new color you are painting on the walls! I just wanted to let you know my son's party was featured on Gabba Friends website as well as info about your blog (re: banner)!! :)

  6. The teal is going to look great!

  7. I don't mind painting walls, I just hate doing the edging and trim! I like the color you picked. As far as projects for me, I am working on making tomato sauce with every 7 or 8 tomatoes that become ripe. I divide the sauce into dinner sized portions and freeze. I also just picked a bushel of pears today and will be canning pear butter...dang, I'm gonna be busy!

  8. I love to paint!! I would come help you...I would do the edging and not use tape. It takes too long, and you get better lines with a good brush anyhow. :)

  9. I have to say that I love that first photo! Painting is never fun for me. We have lived in this house almost 5 years and have never painted... although I am getting the itch to change some colors!

  10. Nice work!!!! I always love all the stuff you have up and make! Very talented lady! And that print, with the animals is also very nice!


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