September 14, 2023

Tomatoes and Apples

We enjoyed quite a busy weekend, from a Chili Pepper festival (chocolate chipotle cookies are unusually good) to an organic apple festival at one of my favorite local places, The Rodale Institute, where I picked a half bushel of apples for canning and eating. The whitish coating on the apples is liquid clay, which is sprayed on them to prevent bugs and worms from eating them. It seems to work fairly well, and is obviously much healthier than pesticides.
I plan to go back to pick another bushel to store in the basement, since we go through apples so quickly here, and if I can get my hands on more organic ones, that would be awesome.
Soren had a great time at the festival drinking fresh cider on a tractor ride
watching people shoot rotten apples through a big slingshot, and his favorite--the moon bounce!
He was always the last kid to leave when the time was up...I was anticipating a tantrum, but no.

Earlier that day, we picked up a big basket of plum tomatoes (sadly, our backyard tomato crop didn't yield so well) and I cleaned the canning jars for making salsa.
Mr. Geek and I stayed up late on Sunday night chopping vegetables and stirring the salsa pot. I did add some peppers and onions from our garden, including jalapenos, however the salsa still wasn't as hot as I had hoped, even after 5 jalapenos. Not sure what was up with that, though it is still quite delicious and will be much appreciated this winter--that is if it lasts that long.
So I'm tired, but in a good way. And yes, there's still more painting to do in the living room! Progressing, slowly but surely...


  1. I'm envious of your produce spoils! What an idyllic weekend :)

  2. You live in such a cool area...what an awesome weekend! :)

  3. Look at you with the salsa! Nice job girl! I am so jealous! I still haven't got the nerve up to actually "can" anything yet. I am the queen of freezing but I have made a commitment to myself to can apple butter this Fall.
    P.S. I like the apples that are sprayed with liquid clay, what an awesome idea. I love that there are organic farms out there!


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