November 19, 2023

Holiday Card Wreath {Tutorial}

Every December, I curse the fact that we don't have a mantle.  I'd love to display so many things on it, from photos and items from nature to Christmas cards.  I've spent the last few years trying to figure out some place to display holiday cards, and was just plain worn out of them scattered all over the fridge.
While flipping through the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, I saw a cute card holder wreath made of clothespins and an embroidery hoop--2 things which I always have on hand.  I decided to fancy-up their version and make a cute and functional wreath for the many cards that fill our mailbox this holiday.
This wreath costs under 10 bucks, depending on what you have on hand.  Here's what you'll need:
  • Holiday paper (scrapbooking or gift wrap)
  • 12-16 clothespins
  • 14" embroidery hoop (or larger)
  • scissors 
  • glue stick
  • hot glue gun
  • wide ribbon for hanging.
Cut the paper to fit on top of the clothes pins, then put glue it to the clothes pin.
I used a 4 different colors, including blue. I tend to like bright colors rather than just the traditional green and red.
 The fastest gluer in the world hard at work
Once you've glued the paper onto the pins, arrange them how you'd like in a circle around your hoop.
You want to alternate them so that half of them have the pinching part (for lack of a better term) toward the center, and half are on the outside.  This will give you more space for your cards, so they're not all crowded together.
You may want to add your ribbon at this point, before gluing.  I snuck mine between the hoops and then tightened it back up.
I also used it to hide the metal tightener of the hoop.
Hot glue the clothespins to the hoop.
You just need a little bit, otherwise you'll have glue dripping all over.
That's it!  Now just hang it and wait for all those cards to fill up your mailbox.  
 Cute, huh?  And it took less than an hour to make.
I added a few little felt ornaments I picked up at the craft store for $1.  You could certainly dress this up more, like adding a candy can ribbon effect by twisting a red ribbon around the hoop before hot gluing.  However, I like the simplicity of this wreath without too much stuff on it.
I'm awfully tempted to make 2 more and hang them in a vertical row.  We'll see how many cards we get this year--we just might need the extra room!


  1. That's great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Pretty cute. I may have to make one of them.

  3. love this! it has been on my craft to do list since I got the mag :) I hope you can link this up to MMM on Monday!

  4. cute!
    you just gave me something to do tomorrow! :) :)

  5. Too perfect! We too do not have a mantle for things like Cards or stockings during the holiday season, but you just solved half of my problem. Will be making one this season!

  6. Love this! It's so cute! I'd love for you to link up to our holiday party!

  7. I'm doing a green holiday blog carnival. You should check it out!

    This is totally awesome btw!

  8. I think a vertical one would be great. I'm always looking for cute ideas to display my holiday cards!

    I wish I had your talent... ;)

  9. What a great idea! I am always looking for some way to display the cards we get. Fun!

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  11. Great idea! I think I even have everything on hand...

  12. I love this, and I'd love to make this even more. As our mantle is full, I have every excuse to do it.

  13. Absolutely LOVE this idea! I don't have a mantle either, but I do have a pesky nail that's on my fireplace's brickwork that this would hang wonderfully from! Thanks SO much for sharing!

  14. Thanks so much for sharing! I love the ornaments your added. I linked to this on my new craft blog:

  15. Loving your version!! Next year I might add some color or sparkles to mine. Oh and I'm totally with you on needing 2 wreaths!

  16. Thanks for posting this project tutorial! I had such fun working on it. Here's my write-up (with credit to you!) on my blog:

  17. No mantel here, either, so I'm pretty psyched that I found your idea!

  18. Do we use this thing as s card holder but, i think it holds and hangs on wall.

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  19. Thanks for sharing this neat project. Since I am retired, I love doing crafts. I think I will make a few for Christmas gifts. Neat idea


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