November 17, 2023

Let's Play! Smash the Pumpkin

What to do when your pumpkin has become deflated and rotten?
Well, you get your favorite 2 year old, put on some rain boots and play smash the pumpkin.
Yeah, I let my kid do risky things like jump off a table onto a pumpkin, mostly because I believe that risky things (within reason) are good for boys.  And they often don't get to do such stuff nowadays.  (don't worry, we were standing right there).
A chunk of wood is always great fun to use for smashing too.

We all laughed for quite a while, watching this pumpkin become mush, or as Soren would call it, pumpkin guts or spaghetti (the stringy insides reminded him of that).
If you're lucky enough to have a yard, your kids would love destroying something like a pumpkin or even some rotten fruit.  Plus it's free fun!


  1. Pumpkin smashing sounds like a lot of fun!!

    You have to tell me where you got that penguin hat. I LOVE PENGUINS!!!
    I need to get that hat!!!

  2. Oh, dear lord.....Can you be my mom?!?! LOL

    I agree with Muthering Heights-You're definitely one awesome mom to let your little boy jump on and smash a pumpkin xD

    I kinda wanna do that too! hehe

  3. LOL! Looks like fun! I think my boys would've massacred the pumpkin if I let them do that!

  4. hahaha! That definitely looks like a good time :)

  5. we were too sad and attached to our deflated pumpkins to smash them, we had to do the bring on operation distract and remove

  6. Hahaha! I love it! We enjoy smashing things up as much as we enjoy fixing other things up. Often the two are indistinguishable for Kidoodle. ;)


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