November 1, 2023

Holy Giant Jack-o-Lantern!

On our outing last weekend, we came across the largest jack-o-lantern I had ever seen
I'm already missing Halloween!


  1. aw, such cute photos!!! your son is adorable! and that is the coolest jack o lantern ever!

  2. Look at that huge pumpkin!!
    I love your pictures-They are so sweet :)

  3. All I thought of when I saw that was what a pain in the arse that would be to scrape out. Which is my absolute least favorite thing to do during Halloween. Not to mention that my husband insists I clean up all the seeds and roast them. I am the scrooge of Halloween. So not my favorite holiday. :)

    You look as beautiful as always and Soren is simply getting so big. It is also possible that he gets cuter and cuter each time I see him. Look out mommy - soon the girls will be calling the house.

  4. WOWSA- musta been a finalist at the local fair!

    And I'm going thru withdrawl...cant we keep Halloween til Dec 1st??? LOL

  5. What a fun pumpkin and super cute pictures!

  6. Whoa, nelly it's huge!
    Charlie pointed and said,"big pum-
    kitten!" Lol

  7. I am missing it too. Chloe keeps marching around the house saying, "Halloween, trick or treat" over and over again!

    That is a huge Jack-o-lantern! I love it and what a great photo op. Those pictures are adorable.


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