December 15, 2023

Wordless Wednesday: Great Wolf Lodge

Our big Christmas gift this year was our second visit to Great Wolf Lodge--I love this place!
The lodge was decorated spectacularly with Christmas lights and decor, and after the pajama storytime each evening, snow magically fell from the ceiling in the lobby.  It was so cool!
Yep, me in a swimsuit.  Frightening! :)

Happy Wednesday, y'all!


  1. Those places are so fun! What a great gift:-)

  2. I always thought those indoor water park set-ups were the coolest!!!

    What I say about you saying frightening. SHUT UP!

  3. You know we've never been -- even though we don't live far from Great Wolf (we are in Indiana) Snow cool! I've heard great things about it...your little guy sure seems to love it!!!


  4. Frightening? Pish.

    I love GWL in the wintertime it's SO beautiful :) Looks like you guys had a fantastic time!!

  5. It must have been BEAUTIFUL with the holiday decorations!!!

  6. *sigh*

    again i'm envious of another place you've been... =)


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