December 2, 2023

Elf Magic

Our house elf is back for year number two, and we've been eager to see what antics and Elf-Capades he'll be up to this year.
That's Martin above, hiding in Jude's stocking.  He's visiting from the North Pole until Christmas eve.  He arrived just as the clock struck midnight on December 1st, and has made himself quite at home once again.

In that ordinary-looking suitcase is everything he needs to sprinkle some elf magic around the house.
He brought his passport, just to make things more official, and took up residence near the kids' small tree.  He has everything he needs to make our December fun, including a bed and wardrobe changes.
Martin has brought lots of cheer so far, filling the Christmas Countdown Calendar with goodies
coloring pictures for Soren at night and leaving them at his place setting for the morning
and even bringing along a gift or two in his green sack.
But his antics are most charming, like sleeping in the freezer (reminds him of the North Pole) and taking rides on our ceiling fan.
He likes to play and get into things at night, even taking a bite out of our gingerbread house last night.  Hmmm, I wonder what he's up to now as the kids are napping and I'm typing?

Each night, Soren gives Martin a saltine cracker and ice water, both of which remind him of home (the cracker is crunchy like snow, and the ice water is, well, icy).
We get Martin's pajamas on, then Soren sprinkles him with "snow" to make the magic happen.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Martin, our house elf, all month long!  He'll be leaving early on Christmas eve to help Santa deliver toys, but until then, there's sure to be some Elf-Capades in our house.

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