January 31, 2024

To Entertain a Baby...

Simply suspend a balloon from the ceiling and watch them hoot and howl.

Most likely, other children will want to join in the fun too.  This one always hams it up for the camera, in keeping with his silly personality.

Simple parenting at its best, though of course it's wise to keep an eye on things and not go and make a cup of coffee.  Not like that happened or anything, no ma'm.


  1. I love when it can be so simple!

    You know what else I highly recommend--a pinwheel. My son loved that, and my daughter liked blowing it once she saw me doing it. She'd sit there and go for about 10 minutes before she'd tire of it. Early bonding at it's best.

  2. That's a great idea! So is the pinwheel :) Looks like Soren is adjusting well?

  3. Gosh he is so cute! Isn't it funny how they prefer things like a balloon over store bought toys? It's the same way with my cats!


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