February 8, 2024

Jude at Seven Months

Another month with Jude has flown by, and though this baby is a tiny guy, he's so filled with happiness and some killer kicks!
Seriously, this baby has some strong legs, and loves stomp-kicking the floor when on his back.  He's also quite fond of standing when supported by one of his parents, like on our laps.

As I wrote, Jude is small for his age, which tends to make an over-analyzing mama like me worry.  Between his last two well visits, he gained only a few ounces, which makes me compulsively check out every baby we come across, comparing body types and ages.  His little friend (whose had you see in the photo above), is 3 months younger than him yet 3-4 pounds heavier.  We've actually gotten some hand-me-downs from him.  Oy!

But Jude is quite healthy and happy, and is growing longer, despite his lean-ness.  He's still a pretty good eater, eager to devour most anything we feed him (sweet potatoes excepting). I can't figure out why he doesn't gain more weight.  I wonder if he'll just be a small kid.  Isn't it just like a doting mom to worry about everything?  Too chubby, too skinny, too picky, too sleepy.  Just go with it, Kathleen.
Ounce for ounce, Jude is such a sweet and pleasant little guy, and has started clapping and really hamming it up for his parents and brother.  He loves to laugh, especially when I tickle his belly with my nose.  He grabs at everything and really enjoys toys and objects of all kinds.  He's so curious!
He's also sitting up more on his own, though still needs a little support.  He's delighted by the feeling and sound of air moving through his lips when he practices "ppffft" and "bbbrr" sounds.  I sometimes even hear him doing it at night, mid-sleep cycle.

I adore my two boys, and at seven months, I think we've finally settled into a comfort zone.
Though I still find it hard to fathom where the last seven months went! I've actually started pondering first birthday plans and have been stalking Pinterest for ideas.  July's One Year "Jude Update" is really going to blow my mind.


  1. Look at those cheeks. I just want to snurfle them!! He's absolutely adorable.

    I'll tell ya what you already know, don't compare ;) It will drive you nuts. He's healthy and happy. And you're a wonderful momma.

  2. They are both completely adorable and so alike but so different, too. Your big boys!

  3. His smile is so sweet!!! This is such a fun age, isn't it? Budding personalities are the best!

  4. Darling!
    You know, I secretly want a huge baby: 25 pounds at 6 months, as if that would show that I'm doing everything right. It's a totally weird wish to have the biggest baby in my circle of friends. Thank goodness my boys do their own healthy thing.


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