April 8, 2023

Happy Easter

Wishing you the joys of renewal and gifts of new life.
 I hope you enjoy this Easter day relaxing with family and friends.
As well as some creepy...
...and not-so-creepy bunnies.
Sock bunnies sewed by mama, based on directions from this talented lady.


  1. Happy Easter :) P.S. I've seen creepier Easter Bunnies- it's something with the eyes!

  2. You are such the crafty momma! Those are probably the cutest sock bunnies I've ever seen!!

    Although, I can definitely leave those life-sized creepy bunnies to their own devices...far, far away O.o Lol

  3. Hope your family had a wonderful Easter! You're right, those creepy bunnies would be enough to scare anyone away.


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