July 5, 2023

I'm a Kitchen #MaytagMom!

Yet again, I'm blown away by the kinds of opportunities I receive as a result of writing and editing Katydid and Kid.  Just this week, I found that I've been accepted into the Maytag Kitchen Moms program with Mom Central.
On a whim, I applied for the position a few months ago, thinking that I'd have a small chance of being picked out of the hundreds that applied.  Well, I nearly spit out my coffee when I read the acceptance letter, in which I was informed I'd receive a suite of Maytag Kitchen appliances.

My guess is that my description of our sad, sad kitchen helped.  Our house is over 100 years old, and though the kitchen is charming, it lacks a dishwasher, a range hood, and a comfortable work triangle for cooking.
Imagine me chopping across the room, carrying stuff to the stove, heading back to chop some more.  It's not efficient, especially for an avid home cook like myself.
Here's our stove and fridge below.  By the way the fridge may look nice but it sucks! We've replaced the defrosting mechanism TWICE in the last 5 years--not happy about that, but looking forward to seeing how Maytag's holds up.
We inherited the stove and oven with the house when we bought it, and though it's been fine, the burners don't always heat evenly and it's difficult to clean.  It also lacks a range hood, but I do enjoy my pot rack that hangs above and will miss it when the hood/microwave takes its place.
It will be nice having a microwave oven above the stove, for easily reheating and cooking.

Would you believe our current microwave oven is over 10 years old.  I often wonder if it leaks radiation. I seriously don't even let the kids near it when it's on.
And did I mention the lack of dishwasher? That is the single most exciting piece of equipment that I'm eager to have in the kitchen.  Imagine the long evenings that Chris and I have, hand-washing dishes after the kids are in bed instead of spending time relaxing together.

While the process of preparing our kitchen for the Maytag Appliances will be a challenge (a few new cabinets to accommodate the dishwasher, at least), I know it will be worth it in the long run.  I'm so excited to cook with the range, especially that it's larger than the one we currently own (great for all the fall and winter baking I do!).   I'm eager to share my experiences with you, both good and bad (hopefully there's little or no bad).

Look for more posts from me as well as the other Maytag Moms, both the kitchen and laundry ambassadors.  You can follow the campaign on Twitter under #Maytag Moms.
Disclosure: I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post.


  1. Totally wow! That is so awesome! I can only imagine how excited you are! I am happy for you and look forward to seeing these awesome new appliances. By the way, I love how your kitchen looks...it has a lot of charm!

  2. Gotta say, I'm a little jealous...I may just load my dirty dishes in Colter's wagon and pull them across Main Street to test out your new dishwasher since we don't have one either. What a great opportunity for you!

  3. Wow, wow, wow! I am definitely jealous, but so happy for you! Can't wait to follow along as you make all the changes! I was without a dishwasher for 6 weeks when we moved to this house and it was torture.


  4. Are you serious?!?! SOOO jealous!!!! That's amazing!!!!!!! So excited for you:)

  5. I am green with envy (slightly bitter, LOL) but so happy you got in! I didn't :-(, maybe it's because I did the Whirlpool Moms laundry thing, who knows. We're moving and may need some appliances so this would have been peeerfect. Aw well. Can't wait to live vicariously through your posts! And I LOVE you kitchen. It has so much character <3.

  6. Oh wow, congratulations on being chosen as a Maytag mom! That's so exciting and I bet you're just jumping with joy :) Honestly, for a mother and anyone else for that matter, having an efficient kitchen and kitchen tools is ESSENTIAL!

    I must agree with Sheena though-You're kitchen is adorable!

  7. So exciting! I was hoping to get in on the Washer/Dryer team. You, of all people, deserve a dishwasher!!!

  8. That is awesome and it looks like you definitely deserve it!
    How did you find the Maytag Mom program and where to apply? I would love to apply for something like that!

    Ashly @ www.dirtytruthreviews.com


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